mini-vangie: Winograd Lad


Eulis was a “Winograd-for-Congress” supporter who had a little table at the Farmer’s Market. I spoke to him a bit and found that he was actually reasonable (See E-vangie Tales #81, & “Winograd Grandad” below). I didn’t know how to pronounce the candidate’s name so I asked, “WINO-grad?”
WIN-ograd,” he corrected gently. After hearing my presentation of the Good News he said that he was already a Christian. Then he asked the standard “rabbit trail” question, “What about all those people in Africa who have sinned and don’t know Jesus??”
I answered, “Well, if you are so concerned about them, and you’re a Democrat who believes in social work—become a missionary and you tell them about Jesus.


  1. Hahaha….that was funny. Never heard that one before

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