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The following is an outrageous account from Kandra King who is a total extrovert/actress/performer—but was too intimidated to hand out some million-dollar bill gospel tracts. Read how God blessed her efforts when she stepped out in faith…

The first time Steve came & spoke on the new “million dollar bill” method for winning souls, I thought I’m happy for Steve, how great for the Kingdom… I wasn’t convinced it was for me. After all, my ministry is with kids. However, I did buy a stack of bills & was going to at least try & hand some out. I put 7 in my purse & the rest in a drawer. 3 weeks later, Steve returned to the pulpit with even more enthusiasm & excitement about evangelizing. This time my husband Jack & I bought stacks of bills for our entire mini-church. Later that evening at a church Leadership meeting, Steve re-emphasized its importance & I was determined to “take the next step.” Another week goes by, our Senior Pastor Zac expresses his urgent request to get on board with Steve. I still have not handed out a single bill. I know I’ve got to force myself to do what my pastors have instructed.

The next day, I was being blessed with a manicure on our Sabbath. I over-heard 3 teenage girls talking. They were speaking in ways that were definitely worldly & included a few barked out orders to friends. I saw this as my chance. However, it was like an angel was on one shoulder & the devil on my other. The angel saying “speak” & the devil, “don’t speak.” Finally the girls got up to leave & were on there way out the door. How can I hand out bills? My nails are wet! Just as they were leaving I suddenly shouted, “WAIT!” Unexpectedly, the entire place went silent; now I’ve done it. I told them I had something for them, but they had to come over & get them out of my fanny pack. They did. I then asked the million dollar questions before they left to hit the 3rd Street Promenade. I reminded them of the man last year that came crashing through 3rd Street killing over 15 people. The next thing I new they were ready to repent & actually prayed. I was flabbergasted. God moved so quickly. Next thing I know, every single person in the salon wanted a bill. Only one of the Vietnamese employees (the owner) could read English. She proceeded to read the entire back of the bill out-loud to them. WOW! I was so excited.

The next day, the devil was furious & decided to create havoc in our lives. We had just purchased a home (gift from God) and we received a call. Problems abounded. We had to drive to the Valley & then were asked to stick around the area because there may be new paper work to sign. We stopped in the nearby Coffee Bean. I tipped the gal & gave her a million dollar bill at the same time. I asked the question. She was confused, so I repeated it. Then she said, is this some kind of religious thing? I replied, “No, it’s an eternal destiny thing.” She said, “Oh, I’m already a Christian, you can have this back.” I then said, “No, you keep it & give it to someone that isn’t saved.” A few minutes went by & she came up to me & said. “I’m sorry I was so aloof; I’ve never had a Christian share with me before.” How sad.

A few hours later I arrived at Sports Authority to exchange the gloves Jack had bought me for Tae-Kwondo. As I was perusing the equipment a young man asked me if I needed help. He proceeded to tell me about all his black belts & trophies in martial arts. I acknowledged his triumphs. Then he said, “Martial Arts is the best exercise in the world & it’s the only thing that gives you real peace”. Well, if that wasn’t an open door… I gave him a million dollar bill and when we had gone through the questions, he stated that he didn’t own a Bible. I gave him a Gospel of John (now you know why my fanny pack is busting at the seems). He agreed to read it on his lunch break. I then advanced to the check-out counter. I set my fanny pack down & the clerk said, “I like those bills. What are they 100 thousand dollars?” “No, they are million dollar bills,” I said. “Would you like one?” “Hey look everybody!” he said. “I just got a million dollar bill. Now I can quit my job”. Five clerks rushed over, so I gave each of them one too. Now I’m at Sav-on and as I go to check-out the man asks me, “Are those million dollar bills?” “Yes, would you like one?” I answered. He took one, then came right back & asked for a second one because he had two daughters. When I called Jack with the exciting news, he said he needed a couple other things from Sav-on. “No problem,” I said & I returned to the store. Oh no, look at this long line Then I realized what an opportunity it was. I heard a man ask me, “Do you have 10 dollars?” “I have better then that, here’s a million dollar bill & if you follow me to my car, I have a bag of food for you too.” (I keep zip-lock bags of food for the homeless in my car & each of them has the Gospel of John & NOW a million dollar bill). I gave every one in line a million dollar bill. That afternoon was so awesome. I was very excited about the incredible response I was receiving.

At 6:59 I was running to the door of our favorite salad bar location to get a salad for dinner just as he was closing. I said Cory, please, I’ll be really quick & I’ll give you a million dollars. As I was rapidly making our salad, I could see him reading the back of the bill. I thanked him for staying open & he thanked me for the million-dollar bill. When I arrived home, I was sharing with Jack how thrilled I was with what God had done and looked down to discover I had only 3 bills left. It had been just 24 hours since I finally got obedient & I had almost gone through an entire stack of bills, led 3 teens to Christ, created potential for renewal of a relationship with God with another and planted seed all over the place. God is faithful. It was because I took that first leap of Faith that he was able to work. The stories go on & on.

I’m going to share one other experience. The Wednesday after my first two days of handing out bills I woke up feeling like I was hit by a Mack truck. I’ve only been sick one time in the last 6 years & it was a cold. Yet this day, my back was completely out. I had spasms and cramps surging through my body. (Satan will not like your obedience to this call). I had to go to North Hollywood regardless of the pain. I stopped in the Good Earth restaurant to pick up spinach salads as I always do every time I’m in that neck of the woods. As I was leaving I said while driving, “I’m sorry God. I feel awful. I just don’t feel like handing out million dollar bills today.” Then I heard, “I didn’t FEEL like dying on a cross for your sins.” I actually turned my head to see if Jesus was sitting in the back seat because it was so real. The Holy Spirit was at work. I turned my car around. The young lady at the Good Earth counter said, “Is something wrong?” I said “Yes, I forgot to give you this.” She responded, “Oh look I got a million dollar bill from Mrs. King. WOW!” As I was leaving the gentleman who always lets me park in the loading zone inquired, “Did you forget something?” I said “Yes, I forgot to give you this.” As I gave him the bill he said “Oh thank you, Senorita King. This is so special.”

I realize now that there is an urgency to share God’s word & that God is the one who waters what we plant. I’m glad Steve decided to make this strong dedicated effort to evangelize. I encourage everyone just to try it. You will be BLESSED!

In his service,

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  1. I have never read a blog with such intensity. Thank you for sharing Kandra!! God is sooo amazing and faithful to us timid human beings when we tip-toe out on that ledge to obey his commands. The feeling of sharing the gospel is so incredible that pretty soon, you’ll be LEAPING out on that ledge.
    Kandra i’m very proud of you and so is God. You brought tears to my eyes when i read “well, i didn’t feel like dying on the cross for your sins”. Keep up the good work, keep sharing boldly, and thank you again for the encouragment.

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