mini-vangie: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird Pt. 3


Same day at the Farmer’s Market. I said to my two girls, “Let’s pray. There’s some strong opposition today. We did. We spotted a bunch of middle aged people from the inner-city having a BBQ celebrating their sobriety. We handed them some million dollar bill gospel tracts which they took enthusiastically. We chattedand laughed. Three of them were already saved, while one of the guys asked sincere questions. We went to another group. They all agreed that they were going to Hell and listened attentively as I explained the way to be born-again. They thanked me a number of times before we said our good-byes.

I then stopped a group of Developmentally Disabled adults and asked the leaders if I could speak to the group. They said yes and stepped aside. I preached the Law, sin, Judgment, Hell and salvation. They all raised their hands to accept the Lord. The faith of little children.

My girls and I walked back to the car and got churros from the churro lady. Standing beside her was the angry vet, red eyes glaring at me beneath narrowed lids. We’ll meet again next week, I’m sure of that…

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