mini-vangie: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird Pt. 2


Same day at the Market. I handed two million dollar bills to an older couple, right after the incident with the angry vet. “May I ask you the million dollar question,” I said to the man while the woman stood back. “Sure” he said cheerfully, as he examined a piece of soldering wire he held in his left hand. “Are you sure you want me to ask you this; you might be offended.” He curled up his hand into a fist. “That’s okay, I’ve got a strong right hook.” “Good. I’ll just turn the other cheek,” I replied with a smile. If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?” The man dropped the wire and shouted, “WHOA! WOOO! THERE’S A HELL?” He abruptly ended the conversation and walked away without another word. My daughter D.D. said with a shrug, “That’s two, Daddy.”


  1. ? Was the man upset? Sarcastic???

  2. Ya got me. It was weird…

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