Michael Jackson Interview (aka Michael FATson)


This is the second interview with another Michael Jackson wannabe, taken from the STAPLES Center at the Michael Jackson Memorial.

You just never know about some people….

The man was friendly, kind, and sounded like a Christian. But I detected that something was a little off in his beliefs. I decided to take him through the 10 Commandments, then, POW!

Watch what happened.

(See the first interview with another Michael Jackson wannabe by clicking here.)


  1. If I had a nickel for every chubby hispanic Michael Jackson impersonator I’ve seen taken through the law, I’d…have… a nickel.

  2. Two Jackson impersonators take a hike when the mirror of the Law is put before them. I wonder if the real one would have done the same.

    If we are to know true Christians by their fruit, then I would venture to say that…thaaaaaat….No, nevermind. What I want to say might be taken for me being “judgmental”.

    That was a long, hard day for you, brother. I’m sure you slept well that night. Good work!

  3. Wow, Pastor Steve! It seems that all the Michael wannabes turn out to be just that…that wanna be a good person, but ultimately they’ve never seen themselves in God’s law. What a shame that most pull the “judgment” card when their conscience is addressed! Thanks Pastor for reaching those on the West Coast that we on the East can not! Blessings to you bro!

  4. What a turn he made, One min he is all okay, the next a rock hit him.
    Great job Steve! Wish i could come to your church and learn from you. Your members should be ashamed not to be there with you.

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