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  1. Hi Steve!

    I just wanted to share this experience. When I was reading “The Use of Tracts” by R.A. Torrey, I remembered a time way back in the 60’s when someone handed me a tract and tried to talk to me. I was a middle schooler and I was a very, very, very bad girl. I carried weapons and was in a very dark place spiritually. I’m sure the girl thought I was just a teen sitting in the park, but I could tell from the expression on her face that I frightened her away. All I did was give her a dirty look. However, I did read the tract and even studied it, trying to understand it. It showed the cross as a bridge between man and God. I didn’t understand.

    Well, the other day when I asked God to forgive me for scaring that poor girl. God, very clearly put in my head that this is why I should be sharing my faith, now. It is the most perfect repentance for sin. If I am truly repentant, then, this is a small sacrafice on my part. If someone rejects me, I can reflect on how I treated that girl back in the 60’s.

    You are the greatest, Steve


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