Lost Liberties: Some Regained (for now)


Every now and then, there is some good news to report when it comes to our religious/free speech rights:

Florida Judge Dismisses Charges Against Gideons
Charges have been dropped against two individuals after they were accused of trespassing on a sidewalk outside of a Florida public school.
null The two men had been handing out Bibles. (Read the rest here.)

Free Speech Back After Ordinance Withdrawn
A Jacksonville, Alabama, man who was prevented from speaking on a public sidewalk about his faith while using a speaker for amplification has won the repeal of a city ordinance that was responsible. The repeal was part of a settlement in the lawsuit he filed in U.S. District Court over the incident. (Read the rest here.)

Judge Dismisses Charges in Case of One Man’s ‘Witnessing Parade’
Charges against a Georgia man have been dropped related to his witnessing efforts and distribution of tracts. A Forsyth County Superior Court judge agreed that a parade ordinance cited in the arrest of Frederic Baumann did not legally apply. Read the rest here.

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