Celebrating 22 Weeks Preaching at the DMV


42,642 people lost their lives in car accidents last year according to The National Highway Safety Administration.

A big congratulations to a member of our evangelism team, “Righteous” Richard Chavarria, who—as of this morning, 9am—has preached 22 weeks in a row to the captive audience in line at the Torrance Department of Motor Vehicles.
null At an average of 50 people in line, that’s a whopping 1100 sinners who’ve heard that they have broken God’s Law by lying, stealing, blaspheming, lusting, hating, etc., will be found guilty on Judgment Day, and end up in Hell for eternity because of their sin, unless they repent and trust in the Savior Jesus Christ who paid the price for them!
null More people have heard the Biblical Gospel at this DMV than at a certain mega-church (the biggest in the U.S.)—ever!

And to think that a year-and-a-half ago, Richard was serving in the parking ministry at church and telling God: “If this is all you want me to do, then I’ll do it.” Then he heard “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and everything changed.

4,810 people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents last year.

(Read “Righteous” Richard’s story here.)


  1. Since I recently moved 2 Blocks from the Torrance DMV, I have been blessed to have an opportunity to see “Righteous Richard” Open-Air preaching. He is “bold as a lion” and lets NOTHING distract him from delivering God’s message-neither those with hardened hearts nor the DMV employees, who come outside and start making announcements while Richard is preaching.

    Brother Richard, you are truly a blessing to every one of those (1100)people- even those who don’t yet realize it. You have reached more people each week, in about 5 minutes, than those of us evangelizing one-to-one are able to reach in 4 hours on a Saturday outing. I pray that more of us (myself included) will find the courage to open-air preach.

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