Lost Liberties: “Hate Crimes” Bill Petition

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If you value the freedom of speech we have in America then please sign this petition from “Focus on the Family Action,” telling the representatives in Washington that you are against the “Hate Crimes” legislation that is currently up before them. Two bills, the Hate Crimes Act and ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) are both designed to ultimately silence any moral opposition to homosexual behavior – thus threatening our Christian beliefs.

If this passes, sharing your Christian faith might become illegal. Click here to read more and to sign the petition.

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  1. The fight to win rights for Homosexual behaviour will continue until they win. In case you have not noticed, many businesses, big and small, are tapping into this minority to up their bottom line. They will have to choose to support legislation or lose business. That is one reason why marriage for Homosexuals has gained the foot hold that it has. You probably purchase from these same businesses.

    We have the obligation as residents of this country to vote with our pen, phone or computer when faced with legislation that plans to legitimize that which is contrary to God’s laws.

    That being said, our real battle, according to Eph 6:10-20 is not with the government of this country or any other, but with evil in high spiritual places. We are to stand ready in God’s armor and remain steadfast in prayer regarding such ungodliness, as it crops up in our lives. If the hate crime bill does pass, it will truly turn out to be one of the main tests that serves to separate the sheep from the goats. Going underground could become a reality and those who stay on top will be marginalized at best or thrown into prison at worst. Things can not remain as they are in this country: there is an end that we are continually moving towards. The only question is which side of the fence you will be on.

    If you want a bit of irony in all this, if we did not have separation of church and state, we would in all probability be past the point of having to go underground due to all the evil that has existed in this country especially post WWII. BTW – things of the world can not threaten one’s “Christian belief”: however, lack of faith in Christ can. If our focus is on the world instead of on Christ, we are toast and the world wins.

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