Like Son, Like Mother


Our last six week evangelism training called “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear” ended recently, and the Top-of-the-Class graduate, Nydia Cordero, is the mom of our previous class winner, Pierre. I wonder if the evangelism gene is passed upwards as the Christian species adapts to the the very great need of preaching to a lost world? Or is that just plain monkey business?

Our next class starts this Thursday at 7PM@ Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach. A special 1-Day class will be held on Saturday, May 22, from 9AM-4PM. Details? Call 310-374-4673 or leave a comment.


  1. Nydia is a constant source of encouragement and inspiration. Guess it does run in the family because she, Pierre, and (nephew/cousin) Nick are all so uplifting to be around. Go Mini-Church 412!!! Love you : )

  2. On my way back from El Camino College, met a woman parked at a 45 minutes parking, presented a million dollar gospel tract to her. She took the tract from my hand as if she wants to ask me something. I told her is a gospel tract that she need to read the back of the money for an important message. She STILL standing there for some reason and the Holy Spirit impress on my heart to proceed and talk to her. I therefore, ask her if she have a Christian background. She said yes and I asked her if she is a born again? She didn’t know what that word mean. So I explain to her that born again means a Christian. I asked her if she would to die today, would she go to a place call Heaven or Hell? She said Heaven. I asked her why she thinks she would go to Heaven. She doesn’t know. I asked the 3 other million-dollar questions. She said she lies, use God’s name in vain before and knowledge that she would be find guilty. I asked her based on her admission of her guilt; does she think that God would let her go to Heaven?
    She STILL think God is a loving God and fail to see on the judgment day that God will be judging her as a “JUDGE” and not a “loving father”. I give her an example as a traffic ticket and court situation. She than paused and realized she IS a sinner in need of SAVIOR. I asked if she read the bible daily, she said no and gave me a look as if “so what, I DON’T HAVE TO read the bible daily!” I explained to her that reading the bible is the same theory as eating physical food. She knowledge that eating food is important for her in order to give her energy and strength to go on. But I told her, when she refused to read the bible, she is letting her SPIRIT or SOUL STARVING to death and purposely to allow the world to put JUNK: sexual issue, alcohol, drug etc… into her Spirit/soul. She than realize the harm she is doing to her soul, before I left her, I STRONGLY suggested she get right with the Lord, by that meaning recognized that she IS a sinner, need to repent of her sin, to put her trust in Jesus Christ and turn from her sin. Start reading the bible; start reading with gospel of John. She thanked me and I went to look for my car for home.

  3. I went to “Payless Food” market to get some discounted Chicken, given some gospel tracts at the market to some people. One Mexican is so hungry for the truth and God’s word was sharing with his wife. Once I asked him “Do you want one for yourself so that you can take your time in reading it?” He asked me” Can I have one for myself?” I told him, of course. Went over to him and he too making an afford get it from me and with a big smile said “THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!” I TOLD him to take his time reading it ok? But one lady and I were talking about bean. I handed one to her, she looked REALLY confused said to me “What am I suppose to do with this fake money?” I told her, “You are suppose to read the message on the opposite side, it speak about what happen to your soul after you died. ITS A GOSPEL tract” as if something hit her, she finally understands what I said and knowledge. She even tried to help me look for black eyed bean.

  4. I had to go to ARCO go get gas, went there, give some tracts out to people that in the process of pumping gas, I saw a tract that is laying on the counter top from the previous guy, guess he looked at it but want have nothing to do with the tract. I took it and offered it to the lady next to me. She looks puzzled and asking me “What is this?” I told her is a gospel tract. As if she is hard of hearing or trying to make fun of my accent. I repeat myself more than 4x. I can’t stand it and EVERYONE around us heard me LOUD and CLEAR. I finally speak louder than before IT’S A GOSPEL TRACT!! I am here to give you JESUS. May be she is HRAD of hearing, as if she finally hear me and understand what I said. She finally said, “Oh, I see! She acted as if someone had hit her on the head or something!! I know EVERYONE in the gas station heard me, before I left I said t the lady MY ENGLISH IS NOT THAT BAD not to embarrassed her but to let the people know that I can speak PERFECT English just like everyone else.

  5. Went to subway, give a tract to the lady came in at 11:30am ordering a breakfast. She looks at it, I told her, as you can tell; this is NOT the real money but a gospel tract. I showed her not to bother read the front of the dollar bill but to spent her time read the back of the message, she turn the million dollar around and saw the message, she tried to read it on the spot, but the print is too small for her. She told me she is going home and uses a magnifying glass so that she can read the message that is SOO important for her. I know other there heard it too, I also give one to the cashier, she said she got one before and read the message. I told her to really think about the message. I told her IT IS IMPORTANT for her soul. When you died, you won’t have time to think about the place call Heaven or a place call Hell, both are a real place. I suggest that she needs to be right with the Lord Jesus Christ because she does not have the time to think where her soul/spirit is going after she died.

  6. Before I spoke to my dad, I had a weird dream and shortly after the dream prayed for my dad would have an open heart and soft heart to listen to what I’ve to asked him. The day I actually called my dad, the Lord just gave me so much courage w/o fear to pick up the phone and call. I ask my dad if he believe in heaven & hell. He said of course. I asked him how does he know if he is going to heaven, is it by repent of sins turn from it. He answered yes. He sounded surprised that I ask him out of the blue. I told him I’ve been meaning to talk to him and ask him, didn’t get the chance till now. He knows the outburst of anger is sin, lover of money is sin, deliberate cause me to be angry with him to the point that I fleshly want to react is also sin. I ask if is by the grace of God that he can enter into heaven. He answered yes. I also asked about hell. He said, “Who would want to go to hell?” He doesn’t want to go to hell but to go to heaven. Just hope he remember the conversation we had and the content of it.

  7. Went to a p/t job interview, after finish the interview, heard the assistant heading out also and called “WAIT!!” I hold the elevator for her, upon leaving, hand her a gospel tract, she looked puzzled and asked, “what is this?” I said gospel tract. As if she didn’t hear what I said. I repeat myself again and louder GOSPEL TRACT!! She still didn’t quite understand what is gospel tract is, so I simply said “I’m giving you JESUS” as if she is shock that I said the name JESUS out loud and woke up from her deep sleep or something. She than realized what I said and told me ”good to meet you”. I told her even louder as a reminder that to read the short message when you get a chance and left for the parking lot.

  8. The Lord puts on my heart to reedited the gospel from the evangelize class/training. I leave some question out and combined other and add the information that is pertaining to the Asian culture, finish them and send to my cousins alone with the introduction letter to the gospel. I asked for prayer before I dropped them in the post office. So far I have not heard any complain from my cousins.

  9. Went to ECC and stop by the special resource center, gave a student that is setting outside the High tech center a gospel tract, w/o even reading the gospel tract, she yelled at me saying “I go to Hope Chapel. I know all about the tract!” I told her she can STILL give the tract to other non-believer, she refused to. I ask her why; she just said she doesn’t want to give the tract to other people so they can come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She gave me a COLD look as if saying, “get lost!! I don’t want you to sit next to me; you are making me FEEL bad of not tell others about Jesus” She said keep it, and don’t let it go waste!! I reach out take the tract back thinking, too bad, does she REALLY knew the Lord’s heart or just a CHURCH GOER?

  10. Saw a gentleman sitting there talking to a lady, went up to them, place a tract in the lady’s lap, she didn’t complain. But when I give the guy the tract, he refused but insisted that he IS a born again, he said he read the bible daily. When I ask if he tell others about Jesus, his answer was NO. he has no interest nor desire to tell others about Jesus but insisted that I was rude that interrupted their conversation. I apologized for my SO CALL rudeness, he can’t wait to get rid of me, I told him before I left, he NEED to tell others about Jesus, there is a lot of people who IS going to HELL, he agrees with me, but does not showed any regret of not tell other about Jesus.

  11. Went to Harbor UCLA hospital to get my arthritis meds for nerve pain, saw this lady comes in with crushes with her sister. I wanted to ask her what happen to her leg to start a conversation, all I heard was a XXXX and S.O.B. bad word come out of her mouth, not in the mood to deal with someone like that, but before I left of spent 2 hours there waiting for my medications, the Lord have me dig out a million-dollar tract and give it to her and told her is a gospel tract. She sounded so grateful and thanked me.

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