“Jerky Evangelism” Addressed


Last week I posted an article called “Jerky Evangelism” that addressed the criticism directed toward our creative Gospel preaching methods. Many comments were posted. One atheist wrote, “…if people are going to be mad at you, it should be for your message and not because you’re crossing into personal space. Another thought our methods were funny with a qualifier: “I only find “jerky” evangelism funny when it’s used on me; I get annoyed when it’s used on other people.” The Christians, of course, defended our methods, while the atheists were confused as to why we would invade others’ personal space.

I said I would post an answer today explaining why we do what we do. Click here to read the definitive answer.


  1. I saw this great example Jerky Evangelism video where this guy has a shouting match being deliberately antagonistic, mocking his Buddhist beliefs and surprise! The guy got annoyed and left.

    This Jerky Evangelist also appeared to have no idea what the 10 commandments were, which made it doubly funny.

    • Yeah, I saw it, too.

      I might be posting it soon as an example of what not to do.

      In my evangelism class, I tell my students to Go and make mistakes. The only way to get better at anything is to muff it up once in awhile. I, too, make mistakes from time to time when sharing my faith; that video was one of those times. Thanks for keeping me humble, Bathtubnz.

  2. One thing I still haven’t worked out is why the people you actively seek out, set up, give boxes to, provide microphones for, shout at, are then labelled hecklers?

    • Most aren’t aren’t hecklers. The hecklers are the ones on the sidelines calling out, sneering, laughing, etc. Then we ask them to step up with their points of view and use these engagements as platforms to preach the gospel.

      I hope that makes it a little clearer. Again, not everyone is a heckler.

  3. Steve, are you going to compare evangelizing to saving a drowning woman? And say that a person wouldn’t worry about silly things like crossing into personal boundaries and being rude to save a drowning woman? Can’t wait.

  4. Steve, do you come up with the titles of the videos? Why is the tattooed guy called a heckler when it looks like you want people to step up to the mic?

    • Perdita, I didn’t edit the video you referred to. I didn’t even know it was filmed, and I’m not even sure I like it (It’s kinda embarrassing). I wasn’t aware that “heckler” was even in the title. Are you referring to the video “Angry Buddha” or some other one?

      Also, concerning my upcoming post called “The Drowning Woman.” You’ll just have to wait to see how I deal with that issue.

  5. It’s called something like “Tattooed Heckler,” but it didn’t show the guy heckling – so it could be considered poisoning the well.

    I thought the titling would be out of your hands, but wanted to make sure. thnx.

    I didn’t even know it was filmed, and I’m not even sure I like it (It’s kinda embarrassing).(re: Angry Buddha)

    That’s actually good to know. Take care,

  6. In this specific instance the videos are ‘Steve’s Tattoo Heckler’ 1 & 2. But I’ve seen it term used the same plenty of times before.

    • I didn’t even like my tone in the “Steve’s Tatoo Heckler” video either. Too harsh.

      There’s a lot to be said for amplification; with amp, I sound sweet, mellifluous, kind, and gentle. Also, my timbre is deep and resonant.

  7. Also, my timbre is deep and resonant.

    I’ve heard Steve on a microphone. Imagine Barry White quoting Scripture. 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks Glenn, I’m glad you recognized that. Few people are aware that back in the early ’70’s, George Lucas was considering me for the voice of Darth Vader.

      I love your new blog by the way. I’ll be featuring it at a later time, and offering a few tips.

      For those interested, Glenn was a student on my team at the last Academy, of whom I had the privilege to baptize along with Tony Miano. Check out his new evangelism blog here:

  8. Thanks Steve! I appreciate your compliments. Any resemblance to your blog is purely intentional.

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