Lakers Conference and American Idolatry


On Tuesday afternoon we will be experiencing an evangelistic double-whammy hootenanny: The American Idol Finals at the Nokia Theater, and right across the street, the Lakers will be at the Staples Center playing to win the Western Conference title.

Last year I encountered a line of about 4,000 people waiting to get tickets to see their favorite Idol and had the opportunity to preach nine times—up and down the line—until I nearly lost my voice. The line was literally a mile long! (You can read the story by clicking here.) I’m not sure if the same line will appear again, but we will be ready.

If the line doesn’t appear at the Nokia then we will preach to the fans across the street at the Staples Center. You can read about last year’s encounter when I was preaching from a traffic sign and forcibly pulled off by an angry man. Also, read about how Security forbade “Righteous Richard” from preaching in a planter box by clicking here.

I love L.A.!


  1. Steve, I will be praying for your team tonight!!!

  2. GO, STEVE, GO!!!

    Looking forward to reading about it.

  3. Thank you Vernon. Start praying at 2PM Pacific time. We’ll be there until about 6PM. I just heard that the line started forming this morning. I’m excited!

  4. I was keeping you Steve and the Team in Prayers Yesterday during American Idol and the Lakers Game. Cant wait to see some pics of Video!!

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