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I can’t always go to the exciting evangelism events we support at my church, Hope Chapel; that’s why I’m so thankful that we have in our congregation on-fire Christians that are willing to do the harvest field work on their own.

A small team went to the L.A. Marathon last Sunday, and one participant, Abraham Ibusanto, ran the entire course and also handed out Gospel tracts in a strategic location.

Abraham is from Indonesia, so he was a little surprised as he ran along the course which wends its way throughout significant landmarks of the city. Here’s the email he sent me:

Hi Pastor Steve,

Today I ran the LA Marathon. At mile 10.5 right in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Hartmans were waiting to cheer me up. So I told them to bring me a handful of the million dollar gospel tracts. When I saw them, I chit chatted and took pictures for a couple of a minutes then moved on with my journey.

What I didn’t realize was that the next 3 miles passed through the unfortunate and unsaved area of West Hollywood. (I said unfortunate because they are male with feminine look). So, as I was running I handed out the gospel tracts. Since I handed them out from the marathon runner’s side, everybody was very receptive. Only one person refused to take them.

At the same time on my headphones I was listening to worship songs. What an awesome and very uplifting experience! I wish you were there to take my pictures. We switch places. Anyway, I am thankful to have opportunity to be your videographer and photographer, going places with you in the past. It trained me to distribute gospel tracts while I was videoing you. God bless you, Abraham.

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  1. What a wonderful story.

    God bless Abraham.

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