NavPress to Pull John Shore Book


Author John Shore’s book is a wash-out!
null Over the last several months, I have taken to task a heretical book called “I’m OK — You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending Unbelievers And Why We Should Stop” by author John Shore. The incredibly ridiculous assertion he makes is that everyone knows the Gospel already; therefore Christians need to shut up and just live it out (read the background of this story starting here).

The good news is that NavPress (a real Christian publishing house that does not believe The Great Commission has been fulfilled yet) will pull the book soon and stop selling it.

When it’s pulled I’ll fill you in on the back story, including my dialogue with the author.


  1. There is no way
    That Shore is “OK”.
    So let us pray:
    That God, in His infinite mercy, will grant Shore the grace none of us ever deserved in the first place and that his heart of stone would melt in the heat of conviction, repent of his widespread heresy and finally put his faith in the Christ he only thought he knew and forever publicly claim that he and “whoever believes in the Son” is, truly, eternally…”OK”.

    PS: Good on NavPress!

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