It’s 180 Wednesday!


To remind people about this important issue, the second Wednesday of the month has been designated as 180 Wednesday. Have you seen the 180 movie yet? Click here to see it.


  1. The movie is aimed at people who already dislike abortion. It will never change any minds.

    • Already has! Look into it a little deeper.

      • Already has!
        No, it hasn’t. Mississippi is clear evidence of this.

        Look into it a little deeper.
        It’s very shallow, Steve. You’re asking me to find things that just aren’t there.

      • Have you not read about the testimonies of women who have seen the 180 movie and chose to let their baby live instead of killing him/her?

      • Have you not read about the testimonies

        I’ve read several. None of them are believable or sound sincere. You fundagelicals have a habit of pretending to be desperate souls thankful for a timely exposure to the Gospel.

        More convincing of the movie’s success would be a change in abortion laws resulting form a mass viewing of 180. Living Waters tried something like this, and it failed.

        Here’s a link to a story on the movie “rocking the vote in Mississippi

        From the same source, a story about why the movie failed spectacularly.

        Testimonies made by random anonymous internet people show nothing. I can create a dozen anonymous posts here praising the effectiveness of your internet outreach / blog, Steve.

        Would you be happy if people believed my lies?

      • And you atheists only believe the fairy tale. Cynical. Sad.

      • And you bigots drink the Koolaid with abandon.

        PS. how many times must I remind you that I’m not an atheist? You wouldn’t be being dishonest, would you Steve?

      • Can’t remember. Aren’t you Zorroastroneriam? Sorry. Can’t remember.

      • What fairy tale?

        Steve, there is an actual method to determining whether something is faked or not.

        Kind of like what WEM said, I could create a bunch of users and have them comment on this thread, talking about how awesome I am. Would you accept those testimonials?

        It’s not cynicism if you’ve seen it happen a lot over time.

      • Can’t remember.
        That’s just as believable.

        In any case, you show no concern for being wrong about something as simple as your assumptions about me. Why should we think you’re concerned about being wrong elsewhere?

      • Zoroastrianism?
        Isn’t it lovely that you’re no longer talking about the topic of the thread you created, but are instead trying to make fun of the people you disagree with…

        I wish I had the callousness to say that this behavior is typically Christian, but I don’t. My Christian friends wouldn’t behave like this.

      • I’m not joking at all.

        I thought that was what you are. One of you guys told me that’s what he was.

        Gee, WEM, you are cynical.

      • For the record, WEM is a deist, whereas another of our members is a Zoroastrian.

      • Thanks for the clarification! Have a great weekend!

      • Hi Steve,

        Regarding WEM and Zoroastrianism, you wrote: “I thought that was what you are.

        I’m confused… if that’s what you thought he was, then why did you call him an atheist?

      • Forgot he wasn’t. Really.

        I don’t remember all that you guys believe and write it in a notebook. The only things you all have in common is that you don’t believe Jesus is the Christ, and you will all share the same eternity.

      • Also, Steve, as I asked above, what fairy tale are you talking about?

      • Here’s a challenge for you Steve, if you can come up with an explanation for Endogenous Retro viral Insertions in the gene code that’s explained better by intelligent design or other some sort of hypothesis that has been put forth that is better supported by the evidence, I’ll believe that over common ancestry and be content to call evolution a fairy tale just like you =)

      • I don’t remember all that you guys believe and write it in a notebook.
        Then don’t accuse people of things that you’re unsure of.

        In any case, there’s no credible evidence that 180 has changed hearts or minds. There’s significant evidence that it’s failed to do that very thing.

      • Believe what you want!

        Unlike you, Steve, I actually have evidence for what I believe.

      • Believe what you want!
        It occurs to me that this is a very odd place to say what you said.

        We’re not talking about whether Jesus Christ existed, or whether the Bible is God’s untainted word, or even whether your beliefs about that person and that book are true.

        We’re talking about a movie.

        Your daughter comes home from school with a note that she was unruly and fighting with other students. You see scratches on her arms. When you question her about this, she claims she was completely innocent and treated everyone with respect. When you reveal your skepticism, she stamps her foot and says Believe what you want!

        Would this cause you to believe her?

        More importantly, how is it that you’ve decided this phrase is appropriate here, in a discussion about a single movie? It’s not as if I’m questioning your religion or your faith.

        It seems an odd place indeed to stamp your foot…

  2. Whateverman says:
    August 10, 2012 at 11:23 am
    Have you not read about the testimonies

    “I’ve read several. None of them are believable or sound sincere.”

    I do not believe you’re sincere or believable in posting this.

    • I definitely believe that he is, because that’s the exact same opinion I came away with (that they don’t sound believable), after reading them.

      If you’re not aware, some of us pay attention to “On The Box”, and the testimonials have been listed there.

    • I do not believe you’re sincere or believable in posting this.
      My sincerity doesn’t require your belief. so we’re even.

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