In the Spirit of Unity and Charity…


In the spirit of unity and charity I chose to remove my posts about the Harvest Crusades.  I appreciate all that that great team of brothers and sisters are doing for the Lord and thank God for their ministry and their concern for the lost. Greg Laurie has proven himself to be an effective and godly evangelist and I’m thankful that God is using him. Who am I to judge another man’s servant? I was guilty of this.

I made the decision to take down this post solely on my own. I apologize for any misunderstandings or confusion that may have arisen from these writings.

Thank you.



  1. good move and well done!

  2. Bro. Steve – the Pusher 🙂
    It is up to you to remove the post – I am glad I made a copy of it. Jen and I have seen the same thinking here in Melbourne at the mega Calvary Chapel here.
    The message is not consistent – I think that is the most important part of your blog – consistency.
    A consistent message is very important. My pastor iand I have had this discussion before. I explained to him what I saw here in FL at Melbourne. Kids in the youth group are told there is no Hell.
    I heard the Sr. Pastor speak of Hell, Repentance and preach the True Gospel – however that is probably 10% of the time. Not to mean he needs to preach Hell every message – but don’t water the message down other times….

    Anyway – I thought your post was fair and explained the real issue – there is only 1 Gospel message – so preach it.

  3. Hi Pastor Steve,

    I have not been following your blog as much lately, and I am happy to see many familiar names and posts occurring regularly. Reading your post on the Harvest Crusade was interesting, and since I went last year, it was good to hear your thoughts on it. My apologies for being somewhat frustrated with myself over the past several months, and allowing that to affect how I responded to your encouragement to Do Something! over the past few months. Your recent sermon was convicting, and I know that God, by the Holy Spirit, by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ has been trying to get my attention to obey and just follow Him despite my doing what I do not want to do. Praise Jesus Christ for saving me from this body of death! So next time I see you at Church perhaps we could talk.

    My niece came with us to the Harvest Crusade last year and God used that venue to help reach out to her. I pray that her conversion was genuine and she is now considering studying Theology and committing her life to the Lord on the Mission Field! It would be good to talk to you about programs, and about the intricacies of Theology programs at “secular” universities vs. Christian Universities, and I welcome any comments and research ideas from others that I may pass on to her. Furthermore, it is awesome to read your recent post on unity, since we are to be One Church, the Body of Christ, and not divided, yet this is a difficult task it seems even from my limited experience so far among the many churches functioning today. Francis Chan recently posted comments on his website about being convicted of giving up on unity himself, and feeling called to focus on it. The letters to the seven Churches in revelation come to mind when I think of unity, and one thought I had was that it was interesting to see that there were only two Churches that Jesus did not rebuke, the Faithful/Obedient Church of Philadelphia , and the Persecuted Church of Smyrna. Just a thought, especially in light of the idea that the letters apply to the Body of Christ as a whole, and not just these seven churches. God is Good to have worked in you Faith and Obedience, and I thank God for your ministry. I will continue to pray for unity, One Body, One Church in Christ Jesus. God bless!

  4. I know I gave you a bit of flak about the deletions but I appreciate and commend you putting up this notice.


  5. Pastor Steve, I thank God for you brother! I just got back from vacation and *boom* post gone! I was praying regarding all this and I see the Lord answered!! I appreciate your humble posture and pray God’s continued power and presence on your life and ministry!!!

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