Holy Hubert Revisited


Many people wonder what impact can be made by someone who preaches to strangers in the open air. Others may wear a furrowed brow when hearing about the “crazy” things that evangelists will do to reach the lost. Holy Hubert was a preacher in the late 1960′s who went onto various campuses to preach Christ to hippies, radical socialists, Satanists, Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews; many found Christ as a result of his life and ministry.

I first posted this article about four years ago, then re-posted two years ago and have since received numerous comments from some of the people who were converted as a result of “Holy Hubert’s” ministry. Please make sure you read those comments after you read this article about a man who truly had a passion for the lost. The author of this article is unknown so the accuracy of what is said can’t be guaranteed. Also, you may not agree with all of Lindsey’s theological conclusions (I don’t; and his style of preaching is not my cup of tea either); still, as an historical article it’s pretty fascinating. “Holy Hubert” died several years ago.

Hubert T. Lindsey is one of the great Holiness preachers of our times.

During sixty years of Ministry he has conducted crusades in over 50 nations, established 12 churches and authored 5 books.

America’s best loved and most hated preacher, 74 yr. old (now 83 in nursing home in Raleigh, NC area) Lindsey is perhaps best known as the father of the Jesus movement that swept America in the late ’60s.

During this time more than 3 and a half-million hippies, radical socialist, Satanists, Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews found Christ as a result of Hubert Lindsey’s life and ministry.

Given that nickname “Holy Hubert” by the underground newspapers, Lindsey had been preaching 32 years when God called him to leave his crusade organization and go to America’s radical, seething universities and preached Jesus to the students who were enjoying a prelude to hell.

Violent reaction to Holy Hubert’s bold evangelism put him in the hospital a dozen times at California’s radical Berkeley campus. He was blinded in 1965 during a vicious attack by a mob of protesters. Twice he miraculously regained his sight, but blindness returned 18 years after the attack.

Beatings by the Black Panthers, the Hell’s Angels and the Mansion family are only part of the price Hubert Lindsey has paid for preaching the Gospel to this generation. Read the rest of the article by clicking here.


  1. Three and a half million. Yeah, exactly how firm are those numbers?

  2. Holy Hubert was a vehicle that God used to form one of the greatest awakenings for Christ in our nation… since Azuza Street in 1900. It was called the Jesus Movement, of which Holy Hubert was a spiritual father that reached many hearts for the cause of Christ during those years.

    The Holy Ghost was behind the Jesus Movement with power and thousands perhaps millions were effected by Holy Hubert’s ministry. The testimonies and comments that people are making today (at this site and over the Internet) 30-40 years after the fact are only proof that it wasn’t the man…it was the ministry of the Holy Spirit behind the man, Hubert T. Lindsey also know as “Holy Hubert”.

    God knows how to reach the lost…with the power of preaching. When men like Holy Hubert are willing to preach Christ and Christ crucified hearts and lives are changed. These testimonies of changed hearts and lives that continue to come forth via Internet from Holy Hubert’s ministry are only “proof” to the fact that preaching Christ magnifies the power of the saving Grace of God. “Salvation of the human soul is what God is looking for”.

  3. The reason I started the Holy Hubert Facebook was to show the thread the Holy Spirit has woven through the ages that connects believers together. Non-believers call it coincidence – believers call it connecting the dots. Once such instance is the first night I heard Hubert speak was the same night I found out one of my life long friends had been tragically killed. I hated Dr. Lindsey that night. The next time I heard him, I loved him. That was around 1979 or 1980. It would be 25 years before I connected the dots that first night I heard Holy Hubert was the night the one who brought the Jesus Movement to me had been killed.

    At that time, I found a fellow living in Germany who had never met Holy Hubert but was greatly impacted by him. His father was saved because of Holy Hubert there for he was not born into or raised by a gangster.

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