Hollywood Anti-War Protest, Pt. 6: Police Action


The LAPD were everywhere watching everyone’s every move. After all, this mix of pro-Gaddafi, anti-American radicals didn’t trust anyone…

The ANSWER L.A. leftist anti-war march had come to its end in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater where one angry red-faced activist after another shouted and ranted from the back of a truck bed about the evils of our free-enterprise, capitalist system whose form of government allows them to freely dissent without the threat of arrest. (Start the series at part 1 by clicking here.)

For the evangelism team, this was our opportunity to preach the Gospel from atop a high columned structure where Jimmy Kimmel Live! is taped. The protesters were plum tuckered out after several miles of walking and chanting and yelling and had their fill of tirades from long-forgotten gray-haired Jerry Reuben wannabes; maybe they’d be in the mood to hear about Jesus? Ya think?

We were all ready to preach with evangelistic  fervor when a kind officer from L.A.’s Finest stopped by and inquired, “Do you have a permit?”

“Uh, no,” I replied.

“You know you are on private property? You have to get off of there.”

Talk about disappointment. This was supposed to be the highlight of the march: preaching to everyone while they were standing still and relatively quiet. What a bummer!

Then the officer pointed toward the pooped protesters and offered a bit of helpful  information that allowed us to continue to preach:

“They have a permit.”

Without hesitation we jumped down, gathered up our equipment and set up again at ground zero…right in the middle of the protest!

Satisfied, the police walked away, we preached away, and the radicals hollered and screamed and yelled away. Everyone was happy.

Support your local police!

Click here for the exciting conclusion: The lost black men of Israel.


  1. I guess you need a civics lesson, Steve. Our free speech isn’t derived from capitalism. Indeed, we could be communist from coast-to-coast and still have many of the basic freedoms we enjoy today. The two are simply economic systems, one of which has a very poor history regarding its leadership (hint: it’s not us).

    Each system has its own benefits and problems. Communism would focus more on the services providing their services than cutting corners to making money, but we’d lose a lot of potential innovation since there’s less incentive. But, under capitalism, our freedoms can be endangered by those whom simply have more capital. Your freedom of speech means little when a far wealthier person can afford to just drown you out.

    I’m not saying I’d like to live under communism, but it’s good to understand that our way of doing things isn’t necessarily perfect just because it’s ours.

    But, if you’d like some common ground, I’d agree that the 9/11 truthers are pretty out there.

  2. Garrett,

    I understand that. They were anti-capitalists. And they were protesting a government that allows them to protest against the government, regardless of the economic system.


  3. Wow! So there truly is no such thing as Free Speech in CA. If you have to get a permit, then it is not free speech. Keep preaching anyway!

  4. I dont have a great video set up like you but I am thanking the Lord for my cell phone with a video option to share Evangelism tips on Youtube. Thanks for the inspiration Steve.

  5. “… they were protesting a government that allows them to protest against the government,”

    Isn’t that a good thing?

    • perdita, Of course it’s a good thing. My point is that they are against the government that allows them to preach against the government. You’d think they’d be a little more thankful. It was just a description of the angst.

      Re: Private Property. I was preaching with a former sheriff who informed me that the officer was wrong. They can only tell us to leave if there is a complaint from the property owner. Nevertheless, he moved us to a better place. We always try to be compliant.

  6. Robert, I thought the issue was they were on private property?

  7. Robert, I think you missed the part about “private property”.

  8. Just do what the nice government representative tells you to do Steve. Don’t speak out against the government… cooonnnfoooorm… cooonnnformmmm… hehe, just a little protester humor for you.

    And as far as being thankful, governments or rather the people who run them are more than happy to take advantage of public support if they believe they can get away with it. Don’t let a good crisis go to waste, or how about invading another country for example? How many billions have we borrowed to pay for recent overseas conflicts again……?

  9. Steve, my point is that you seem to resent that these people are exercising their rights.

    I’m not sure why you want to politicize your evangelism posts. I’m not even sure that you realize you’re doing this.

    Re: Private Property. Have you gotten another opinion? Because it seems that private property rights are lost if the owner isn’t physically there.

  10. Steve, haven’t you said that our country should base our laws on the Bible?

    If I’m wrong, sorry. But if I’m right, how are you any less radical than these protesters?

    • Bill,

      Nope. Don’t believe I ever said that. The New Testament offers some great laws, though: The Law of love.

      As for complaining… wait until I tell what happened when a JW came to my neighborhood! BTW, I’m all for those protesters protesting; it’s their right! Yay for freedom of speech!

  11. Something tells me that if the Hare Krishnas were dancing and singing on Steve’s front yard, for the public walking around near Steve’s house, he’d have a problem even if he wasn’t there to complain about it when it was happening.

  12. Listen up, you atheist hippie freaks! What is wrong with you? How can you not see Steve’s point here?

    Since the United States is a Christian nation founded on the Ten Commandments (please ignore the fact that only 3 of the 10 are actually against the law), he can’t support the use of free speech for any purpose other than preaching the Gospel! (At which point, even asking him to “keep it down” serves as a sign of oppression – and possibly the beginning of the Last Days…)

  13. You act as if they’re protesting against the USA as a whole, when it’s really just the actions of the past decade or so. That doesn’t make them “anti-American” or “pro-Gaddafi.” Do you think we’re a hivemind or something?

  14. Nameless,

    We never thought of them as hippie freaks. Ever. They have the right to preach their temporal savior: liberalism, as I do the Eternal One.

    Garrett, take a look at the links I provided at the end of part 3 (from non-Christian, 3rd party reporters), and notice the people holding up the signs that say “God bless you, Gaddafi.”

  15. They have the right to preach their temporal savior: liberalism

    Oh come on NOW, you CAN’T be serious… are you?

    They may be preaching, but I find it hard to believe that they view “liberalism” as a “savior” in any way even close to how you view Christ as your savior.

    C’mon now.

  16. Again, Steve, that doesn’t make them all that. The one thing you keep trying to do is paint with a broad brush. Make them the scary “enemy.” You did it with that father (which you covered up, just like I know you will edit this out) and you’re doing here.

    It’s fine to disagree with them, but they’re all there for their own reasons. You do this with us as well, and it’s show a lack of interest on your part to get to know us. So it makes all those “I love you!”s feel very hollow. You don’t love us: you love recruiting more members for the cult.

  17. Garret. One day I hope you will find out what true love is.. Or maybe I should ask you what is true love Mr. Garrett?

    And we ( Christians) don’t have the time to get to know every person out there, But we do know the Truth and we know that every person who is against God because they have broken God’s commandments and they want to live there life the way they want to when God has informed them through the Word and the preaching of it along with there ( your) conscience that it is true.

    So they ( you) keep trying your best to disregard it that is there (your) Choice Sir.

    But a cult? Sir are you really that foolish? Don’t you have the ability to think? Haven’t you investigated the Bible? Tell me Mr. Garrett, What have you found to be untruthful in it? cults are easy to identify because of the lack of evidence for there claims. Sir. Are you so wise to know that the Bible isn’t true or too know enough to say it’s a cult?

    Mr. Garrett. You along with the others who hate God because you love your Sin, what ever it is, more then God and they you will face a Holy God on Judgment Day. I hope it’s worth it.

    Love is giving whether it’s by communication of Truth to WARN of danger,
    or any other action that promotes the safe well being of another person weather they see or understand it or not.

    So, Steve is being more loving to you and those who will listen and maybe by the Grace of God will heed the warning.

    Mr Garrett have you turned against God for so long now that He has given you over to you will and will no longer call you? God Forbid!! I hope it’s not to late.

    Have a great day Sir. and remember Your day is coming.

    Heb 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

    Thousands of people died while I typed this Mr. Garrett.

    Keep it up Steve!!!

    Dan 12:3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.

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