Hollywood Anti-War Protest, Pt. 6: Police Action


The LAPD were everywhere watching everyone’s every move. After all, this mix of pro-Gaddafi, anti-American radicals didn’t trust anyone…

The ANSWER L.A. leftist anti-war march had come to its end in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater where one angry red-faced activist after another shouted and ranted from the back of a truck bed about the evils of our free-enterprise, capitalist system whose form of government allows them to freely dissent without the threat of arrest. (Start the series at part 1 by clicking here.)

For the evangelism team, this was our opportunity to preach the Gospel from atop a high columned structure where Jimmy Kimmel Live! is taped. The protesters were plum tuckered out after several miles of walking and chanting and yelling and had their fill of tirades from long-forgotten gray-haired Jerry Reuben wannabes; maybe they’d be in the mood to hear about Jesus? Ya think?

We were all ready to preach with evangelistic  fervor when a kind officer from L.A.’s Finest stopped by and inquired, “Do you have a permit?”

“Uh, no,” I replied.

“You know you are on private property? You have to get off of there.”

Talk about disappointment. This was supposed to be the highlight of the march: preaching to everyone while they were standing still and relatively quiet. What a bummer!

Then the officer pointed toward the pooped protesters and offered a bit of helpful  information that allowed us to continue to preach:

“They have a permit.”

Without hesitation we jumped down, gathered up our equipment and set up again at ground zero…right in the middle of the protest!

Satisfied, the police walked away, we preached away, and the radicals hollered and screamed and yelled away. Everyone was happy.

Support your local police!

Click here for the exciting conclusion: The lost black men of Israel.


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