Saturday Evangelism Adventure: Huntington Beach


A year and a half ago I interviewed Ray Comfort in Huntington about his success in refuting a mythical, mostly atheist fairy tale for grown-ups. Here it is again in case you missed it. (Nearly 3,000 people have viewed it and here are the ratings: 27 likes, 78 dislikes. Guess who didn’t like the video? In fact, a famous atheist re-cut it and made his own video called “Why do People Laugh at Creationists, Pt 31” which got over 400,000 hits! See it here.)

This Saturday we will be joining Ray and his team down in Huntington Beach. Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool. We leave promptly at 12:15—so don’t be late! Or meet us at the base of the Pier at about 1:15pm.

Did you know that we are doing more this week, too?

Every Thursday we also meet at El Camino College in Torrance on the Library Lawn from 12:30 – 2:00pm.

Every Friday we go to the Redondo Beach Pier for a one hour excursion called “The Hour of Power.” Meet at Hope Chapel at 4:30pm.

And did you know that we supply all your tracts for free? WOW!


  1. You do know all about Ray’s “street version” of evolution, don’t you?

  2. Ah Ray Comfort…a legend in his own mind.

  3. Yeah, Ray doesn’t even try to refute the actual theory and just harps on the layman’s misunderstandings. Very deceitful.

  4. Garrett,

    When you can find two evolutionists who agree on what evolution is, perhaps a refutation can take shape.

  5. A change in allele frequencies in a breeding population over time.

    Glenn, given our past discussions about evolution, I have a hard time believing that you are speaking from a position of knowledgeable research when you suggest that no two “evolutionists” can agree on the definition.

    Are you suggesting that each evolutionary biologist in this world is operating under a different definition from each other?

  6. Total rubbish Glenn. I love the honesty of Christians around here. Ray’s defense is ‘because the average person on the street doesn’t understand the details I can say whatever I want’. Dale backed it up by saying that since uneducated lay people are the majority Ray’s fake version is a valid tool. Despite knowing that his version is completely false.

    This is why we have the cliché, Lying for Jesus.

    What’s hilarious is that at that time Ray announced plans to give away 1 Million copies of the book.

    Next year rolls around, Chad announces it’s coming again! It’s going to be biblical!

    Then nothing… not articles, press releases or anything. Total silence.

  7. Glenn, have you heard about Ray’s offer to pay $10,000 for a “genuine living transitional form”? Specifically, he wants, “a lizard that produced a bird, or a dog that produced kittens, or a sheep that produced a chicken…)”

    Yet, at other times he also claims to understand that those things have nothing to do with evolution.

    “Of course, evolution doesn’t expect dogs to give birth to kittens.” (Ray Comfort, Feb 18th)

    This makes sense when you understand that when he speaks to you guys, he uses what he’s called the “street” understanding of evolution.

    “The average person on the street who believes in the theory of evolution isn’t as sophisticated as the staunch believers on his blog. You have your “scientific” definition–“The gradual change and diversification of life on earth,” and other people (the great majority) have theirs.”

    “The average street believer doesn’t believe as you do and it’s easy to make him doubt. He knows nothing of mutations, bacteria, populations…”

    So when he tells you what the “evolution folks” think, he’s really telling you what he thinks people who are ignorant of evolution think about evolution even though he’s passing it off as the actual Theory of Evolution.

  8. It’s not really that scientists cannot agree on a definition, but that evolution is a massive topic, and it takes a lot of work to condense that into a paragraph. You will get many variations, each with a different emphasis from each author.

    Seeing as how you consider reading “Origins” to be sufficient, I doubt you’d take much interest in reading the longer, more technical definition.

  9. I’ve actually watched Thunderf00t’s series of Why Do People Laugh at Creationists, (that video you posted is actually how I found this website Steve) they feature the wonderful sayings of Kent Hovind, VenomFangX, Ray Comfort, and Ben Stein. I don’t think the F00t thinks he’s a god or something like that, I think that he knows a LOT about science, enjoys studying the stars, chemistry, and physics, and he absolutely hates it when Creationists get the facts dead wrong. It annoys him in a way that would be similar if people went around declaring that Jesus was the son of God, who came the earth to fight the Great Fire Giants of Mt. Olympus in order to save humanity. And worse, when you try and explain that Jesus didn’t come to Earth to do that, they just shrug it off, dismiss it, don’t look up the correct facts, and just continue to make the same declaration over and over again. (Still going to send you a science book someday Steve)
    Thunderf00t had a pretty good debate with Ray Comfort, though many people learned that he wasn’t the best public speaker as he tended to stutter. If you want to hear a pretty decent debate, Ray recently called into a public access show called the Atheist Experience, which is based in Austin. It was a solid hour of Matt Dillahunty pretty much outwitting poor Ray, and is really funny to watch. You can find the whole thing on youtube if you do a search.

  10. Ray Comfort is a great thinker!

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