Holiday Strategy for Unsaved Loved Ones


If you’re like me, you want your unsaved family members to come to know the Lord, so that when they die they will not pay for their sin themselves for eternity in Hell (ooooo… sounds kind of harsh doesn’t it?).

Let me try that again: If you’re like me, you want your unsaved loved ones to ask Jesus into their hearts, so they can know God’s wonderful plan for their lives, so He’ll fill that God-shaped vacuum in their hearts, so that they will be healed of all their diseases, get big houses and cars,null and be trouble free in this life—because we all know that God is a big cosmic Santa who does whatever we ask.

Wait a minute… that’s a lie!

Okay. You understand my point… all those who have had their sins forgiven through Christ and have become born again want the same for all those they love—but how do you introduce the subject? There is an awesome opportunity every year at Christmas time, but it is very difficult for many of us, (myself included), to broach the subject with Mom, Dad, Grandma, and all those cousins.
nullnullnullDo you really want another year to pass with the risk of them perishing?

I didn’t think so.

Here’s a strategy that you can employ that will allow you the freedom to remain removed and all the blame will fall on me.
nullSeriously! Read on.

PART 1: Below this post is a very comical video from Sermon Spice that EVERYONE will enjoy and EVERYONE will laugh at and agree with the message, (even Papa, who drinks to much). Have everyone gather around the 21st Century hearth (the computer), eggnog in hand, and click this video on. Say something like: “Hey everyone! Come over here and watch this silly video!” They will laugh and “get the message” of Christmas in a totally non-threatening way, because everyone knows Christmas is about Christ. Don’t preach, just laugh with them.

PART 2: Tomorrow, I will post another video called KISS, OFF! It’s an interview I had with a man dressed as Gene Simmons from the band Kiss, who got very shaky when confronted with the 10 commandments. The message is very clear, and all your church-going family members will be confronted with the truth from my mouth. After you watch this, you can say: “What did you think of that interviewer? Was he harsh or what? etc.”

Blame everything on me; it’s okay, because you will definitely get a reaction.

I showed it to two family members already. My sister talked nervously through the whole thing while my brother-law laughed and agreed. I’m showing it to my Mom today.

Don’t wait another year; there may not be another one for Auntie. null
(To make it easier for you, I will post the two videos again—at the top of the page, on Friday, without this article—and I will leave them there until the day after Christmas. Please let me know if you were bold enough to do this.)


  1. Hmm…my entire family lives in New Mexico and Alaska…..

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