E-vangie VIDEO: KISS, OFF!


This is Part 2 of the strategy to win your unsaved loved ones (see below).

Here is an interview that I had with a very humble and honest (but confused) character on Hollywood Blvd. If you haven’t been there in awhile it’s a great place to talk with people. We were in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where a multitude of actors shill for bucks as you take photos of them. If there is a problem with this video here, then click here to watch!

This interview is a demonstration of the “Bulldog” technique. A bulldog has its snout bent backwards so it can breathe while holding onto its victim; I do the same here because eternity is just too important. You will also see the tragedy of someone who may be a false convert. I want to wake this man out of his slumber by asking hard questions about what he believes.

Tell me what you think after seeing this rather uncomfortable video.


  1. Good job Steve! You certainly have your talk down pat. No one stands a chance against you because you have done this so often and have an answer for every comment, and not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk. This fellow seemed sincere and really wanted to be saved. He knew right from wrong and thought because God was all forgiving, he would be saved. You put a little more into his reasoning by letting him know that even though, God is all forgiving, you still have to repent and ask for God’s forgiveness. I’m sure you softened his heart even more and he might even return to church. One question, why did you not ask him to repent right there? Looked like he was really ready to do just that.
    I always enjoy your evangie tales and look forward to reading them.
    Keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration to us all.

  2. Steve, As I said before I have mixed feelings about this video. To be honest I felt for the guy, since I think you may have come on a little too strong (like a bull dog) and as a result you may have confused him in a few places during your conversation. That is why I feel the message is clearer in the lesbian video. Hopefully enough of your message got through that he will rethink his relationship with God and Jesus. Please do not take this as a criticism of you or your message. I think you do a outstanding job of balancing your message to reach people. I agree with Jackie that you are getting good at sharing Christ. You have been an encouragement to me. Mike …

  3. Yeah!! Success!! This guy seemed soooo nice and sincere….I wanted to hug him and tell him how much Jesus loves him! 🙂 I wonder though……if he is really saved. I loved the part when you told him how God’s goodness was going to work against him and send him to hell if he is found guilty. I’m going to have to remember that when I talk to people. Thanks!! People just don’t know that our God is a just and fair God. They don’t know what can happen when God gets angry.
    I’ve found when I talk to people that they think they are saved just by praying and now and then asking for forgivness. But God doesn’t want you now and then….He wants all of you, all the time. Good job Steve!! I look forward to watching many more.

  4. Dear Pastor Steve, I have great respect and admiration for what you do and how you do it. You are truly annointed to preach His Word. It has been wonderful to see how God takes our talents and uses them for His Glory, and He took your talent to “sell it” and turned it into a blessed gift. thank you for what you do! LOVe, Debra

  5. Pastor Steve,

    After reading the introduction and watching the video, I’m amazed at what I percieve as your growth in Christ. As I’ve watched you over the last few years, I’ve noticed distinct changes in the purpose of your communications. I’ve seen changes in both your sermons and in your passion (love) for people (e.g., the video). I’ve percieved you going from me-oriented to God oriented. As I have similar me-oriented problems, I’m very appreciative of your example.


  6. That is very nice–all of you! Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Hey Steve,

    Thanks again for proving the universal point that the Gospel never lies and it speaks to our soul. So no matter who the person is the word of the Lord will have power and influence.

    Good stuff Mr. Sanchez!

    Merry Christmas

  8. Steve,

    Way to go man. I watched with great interest. The Law is so powerful. The gospel is so wonderful.

    Great job. You were kind, compassionate, and clear. Not offensive at all and if i were one of those two, I’d never forget some guy approaching me on the street and having that conversation.


  9. Steve was being a total jerk to the guy! The questions he was asking were a set-up!! What if the situation were reversed and STEVE was being asked those questions?? Could this jerk actually answer NO to any of those questions??? I DOUBT IT!!!! And what about his cameraman??? What about ANYBODY IN THE WORLD?????? And that includes any of you reading this right now!! The questions are set up to make ANYONE look like an ass!!!!

  10. Steve,

    I don’t have flash yet so can’t watch the video. Hoewver, there are a fair amount of people who like this last commentor don’t understand. Just for anyone else who ends up reading this, thats exactly the whole point. No one is good enough to enter heaven, it is impossible for us to never sin and to be saved, we have all sinned and that is why God came in the flesh to take our punishment, so that by repenting and putting our faith in the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the blood he shed for our sins, that we can be saved.

    However, my point in commenting is to ask you, since there are so many people who misunderstand, is it important to make a specific mention of this? In the few things I have seen I notice that Ray sometimes tells people he has sinned like this, and another time he seemed to ignore the person. I know that God guides us in it, so I am not being critical. Just trying to understand, and maybe this will be addressed when I can, Lord willing, get into the Way of the Master book and programs.

    Thanks for all your work Steve I’m learning a lot, and though its hard sometimes because of my flesh, I love to see and feel God working in my life to change me to be more as he would have me, and more like his beloved Son. – Jason

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