Sharing Your Faith on Chinese/Vietnamese New Year


This is a cool tip from fellow evangelist, Warren C.:

Since the Chinese New Year starts today, here’s a tip on how to pass out the Million-dollar bill Gospel tract to Chinese or Vietnamese people. Asians are some of the toughest people to pass out tracts to, so this is what I did:

I passed out the tracts saying, “Happy Chinese New Year!” and they all gladly took them. To be even more effective say it in Chinese (Cantonese), “Goong He Faht Choy.” If you’d like to take it one step further hand out the million dollar bill with two hands.

To take it to an even greater level, put the million- dollar bill in a red “lucky” envelope, but make sure to hand it to people with two hands. You can pick-up the red envelope at any Chinese market. Be careful with the writings/symbols on the red envelope; you want to have a plain red envelope if possible. So… if you’re at a Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant, Chinatown, Monterey Park, or Little Saigon this week, you will know what to do.

(Steve’s note: Make sure that the person that you say “Happy Chinese New Year!” to is not Japanese; I made that mistake already…)


  1. hey pastor…what does it mean toward this culture to hand out tracts with both hands and why the red envelope? (just curious)

    God willing i’ll see ya there!

  2. 2 hands: Respect and honor, I believe.

    Red envelope: Money inside!

  3. There’s gotta be a way to print choice Scripture verses on teeny pieces of paper and have them stuffed into fortune cookies. Any Christian entrepeneurs?

  4. Paul,

    I remember seeing just these “Scripture Cookies” at last year’s LA Chinese New Year event. I think the group that had these was called Christian Asian-American Association (C triple A). They had a booth at the festival. If they are there again this weekend, I’ll try to get their contact. Realy cool…

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