Gay Supporter Criticizes Our Evangelism at Pride Parade


Here’s a different perspective from a gay supporter’s blog who took issue with our team’s  style of evangelism at last Sunday’s Pride Parade. It’s an interesting read. Here’s a sample:

“It is Gay Pride season. Just as predictable as the rainbow flags and great music are the street preachers and condemnation. Some of these street evangelists present a “softer” approach; they are not bullhorn carrying or “sodomite” screaming. They arrive with smiles and slick tracts and smooth “Hey guy, I love ya” banter, but they too are destructive.

“For a concrete example of the smiling, you-must-stop-being gay example of street preacher, I am going to use Pastor Steve Sanchez, Hope Chapel Christian Church, LA. He attended West Hollywood (WeHo) Pride yesterday.

“I have offered to give him insights and reasons why the actions of his team are damaging, and he is not hearing.” Read the rest here and let me know what you think.


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