Fun with Stats


80% of Americans expect to be called before God on Judgment Day to answer for their sins. 90% believe in heaven. 77% rate their chances of going to heaven as “excellent” or “good.”

65% of Americans believe in the literal existence of Satan. 73% believe in Hell.

83% of Americans believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. (11% disbelieve. 6% don’t know.)

* Statistics cited come from PEW, Gallup, and Newsweek.
-From “Letter to a Christian Nation” By Sam Harris (who is an atheist)


  1. 80 % are expecting Judgement Day!?!? Wow… That must be some “springboard” or “beach head” in conversations about the gospel.. 🙂

    Keep sowing over there!

    Oslo, Norway.

  2. I certainly will. Send me your tales and I’ll post them. Is anyone saved in Norway?

  3. There are quite a few Christians here, absolutely.. But the society isn’t the same as you’ll find in the US. I guess you find many people going to church every sunday, while not being saved… In Norway, most people “know the story”, but they don’t understand the gospel, and church attendance is lower in % than in the US I think..

    I’ll see if I can send you some fishing stories brother.


  4. I’ll look forward to reading your stories. Your analysis of American faith is right on!

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