Fun with Gospel Tracts


This little 2 minute video shows how easy and fun it can be to share your faith using Gospel tracts. At El Camino College I found a line of students waiting to get financial aid for tuition. I happened to have Gospel tracts in the form of giant $100 bills and million dollar bills; the students were all too happy to accept them… except one: An Atheist.

Living Waters has a great new presidential million dollar bill tract.

In addition to a great Gospel presentation written on the back there is also a pro-life message discreetly written next to the seal on the left front: “Abortion Stops a Human Heart.”

In these desperate times, we need to preach life to the perishing in any way we can!


  1. Hey Steve if you ever make a million can you give me some too. If you wipe your mouth with a 100 gospel tract it would surely hurt… If he dies of heat stroke…how about if his heart suddenly stops…

    Like you said it was fun handing out tracts and just saying whatever you want.

  2. These are great! My husband and I started witnessing on the Metro week after week and these are VERY well received on the Metro. We had people asking for more. We gave out many different celebrity millions but many people said, hey, I dont want this one… I want the Obama one. When people are riding on the Metro they are often bored and want something to read. Believe me, they are reading these ones!! They are great conversation starters.

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