Famous Lost Words: The Pagan Wolf


A die-hard “atheist” by the fictional name of The Pagan Wolf  has written a manual called SIMPLE COUNTER-EVANGELISM 101 that teaches people how to ward off an evangelist’s “attack.” The funny thing is, the techniques would actually really work if God were not involved in the evangelism process. Though poorly written and full of typos it still had some neat ideas.

Here is a section called “Counters for Icebreakers,” which teaches adherents how to resist and annoy an evangelist who hands out a Gospel tract:

1) Get yourself a pair of mirrored shades and an mp3 player. When approached by someone with a tract, put on your shades and activate your mp3 player. Say nothing and just look at them. After 20-30 seconds, they will take the hint.2) If you are with someone, if you are able, switch to another language. If they persist, only answer them in said language. Eventually they will either embarrass themselves or move on.

3) The minute you hear an icebreaker type question, respond with a sharp tone “NOT INTERESTED”. This is usually very effective. A percentage of them will actually follow-up with “Why are you not interested?” Vehemently point out that you do not have to answer that question. The essence of that technique is to not even give them the chance to even start their sales pitch. It requires you to be assertive and to make it clear that you do not wish to be harassed.

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