“The Everyday Club” Testimonies


Have you joined The Everyday Club yet? What is your reason for not doing so?

I’m posting this mid-month reminder so that new (and old) readers of this blog have a chance to enter. The details for joining are below; but for now, read a few testimonies of those who have benefited from this evangelistic accountability group:

Jenny says:

After attending the Ambassadors’ Academy in April 2009, one of the best things I did was join this club. I walk out of the house each day with the Lord and the great commission on my mind.

Waynedawg says:

OK, Steve – I’m in.

I’ll be honest with you (and everyone that reads this now) I didn’t sign up to commit to this when you first posted it. I thought, “I give out more than a dozen tracts a week on any given week. Yes, most of them are on the weekend, but that averages out to more than at ‘least one a day’.”

But your recent post “A Fully Consecrated Man?” convicted me to take up the challenge.

There are many times I drive straight home after work (and seeing dozens of people on the way) and walked into my house drained from work and settled into a comfy chair.

I could have stopped on the way home, jumped out of the truck and handed folks some tracts and engaged them in eternal conversations. Why do I need to wait until the weekend to witness when there are plenty of people going to hell during the week?

Jeff Reiman was so encouraged he started his own blog called, you guessed it, The Everyday Club!

Joy Gray says:

First, thanks Pastor Steve for being our cheerleader! I give out at least one Million Dollar Bill or other tract every day I leave the house (occasionally I stay home all day). This commitment is a good thing, even though I don’t always check in.

Rachael says:

Ahhhh, I like this. Didn’t know you had a monthly accountability posting.
I like this. I had decided to do my daily tract giving but its easy to slip back into the “comfort zone”. Thanks for posting this. I want to jump on board.

Lasae says:

I am in!!! I plan on passing out at least five tracts a day to get started!!

Maybe you would like to make a goal, recommit to your original goal or create a new one. The Everyday Club gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to whatever evangelistic commitment you have set for yourself, providing that it’s everyday. Your goal can be to hand out one tract a day, or a thousand; it’s up to you! (You can join the nearly 90 others who have already signed up by clicking here!)

If you’d like to post your totals for October, click here.

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