Evangelism Gone Wrong, Part 4: The Man Who Hates Everyone


There are those who preach winsomely to win some; others use a megaphone to shout angry epithets and belittle their listeners. That is one big mistake and should be repented of. (Click here to start at Part 1.)

The sign this man carries shows no love and is used to incite. And what is the purpose of this man’s preaching? If it’s to show the attractiveness of Christ, he fails. Miserably.

The person who shot this footage is a participant in the Los Angeles A.I.D.S. walk. Her description of this preacher is “The Man Who Hates Everyone.”

Is it unreasonable to expect that a person who preaches about God should be godly?

(I dialogued with this man via Facebook several months ago. Click here to read the marked contrast between his attitude and mine toward the lost.)



  1. Brother Steve,
    You are the Pusher!

    I see both sides. I think on the one hand, it is wrong not to call sin sin. I know your style, brother, you are gracious, but you also are very to the point about sin and its effects. You can be gracious and still preach the truth. But people are going to call even the most gracious preacher the guy who hates everybody.

    I have testimony that even when you just preach, straight from the scripture that you will be persecuted. Large signs with scripture only are despised and attacked. I have personally been at Gay Pride Festivals and have preached nothing but the law and the Gospel, and have been despised for it. I have gone to college campuses and have witnessed a homosexual protest break out, without ever mentioning homosexuality!

    Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, all are simply outgrowths of the heart that is wicked. When you hold up the mirror of the Law to the face of a sinner, they will scream and holler and yell and try to take the focus off of the sin. Even the most loving approach is villified when sin is exposed.

    To lead off with homosexuality at a homosexual event, even to mention it is a poke in the eye in a place where the guns are loaded already. Only debates and arguments ensue, which are fleshly at best. I also would not go after a thief at a Thiefs parade, I would go after the other common sins that we share, as his guns would be loaded.

    Street preaching can get way too fleshly way too quickly. We can wander off, using the wisdom of the world and our own pride and go off on people too easily. The effort must come from a heart that loves Jesus and understands grace, for without it, we would be slaves to sin, just like they are. Jesse, Rueben, and their ilk have lost that along the way.

  2. I agree with you completely John.

    It’s a matter of the type of heart we have when we share.

  3. John well said good post! It truly is a matter of the heart Pastor Steve. Love has to be the reason, love for God and love for people. 1 Cor. 13. God bless!

  4. “Large signs with scripture only are despised and attacked.”

    What did you use?

  5. Perdita

    I have used scriptures from Proverbs, John 3:18, Psalm 14, Exodus 20, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. It is amazing that when the mirror of the law is used (any scripture) people get very angry, defensive, and immediately go after their pet sin! You can tell what a person is imprisoned by!

  6. John “The Baptist” wrote: “It is amazing that when the mirror of the law is used (any scripture) people get very angry, defensive, and immediately go after their pet sin!

    Correlation does not equal causation.

    In other words, maybe it isn’t “the mirror of the law” or “scripture” that gets them upset.

  7. When I do open air preaching I just simply preach from my heart Usually I start off singing Gospel Songs and hymns. I do not need a Bull horn God has given me a very loud voice . I have made mistakes in yrs. gone by . But God had me to continue on even this day after 41 yrs. Of open Air Preaching I am still learning , Because God is the Preacher I am just His mouth piece.

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