E-vangie Tales #37 – Special Edition- 10 Things I’ve Learned This Year


This is a departure from my regular “evangelistic adventure” of the week, but I thought with the new year I could share what I’ve learned in 2004 since I made this commitment to evangelize (nearly) everyday. It all started with a challenge from my pastor, Zac, in a New Year’s message entitled “Spiritual Game Plan for the New Year”. There were six challenges, all of them important, but the one that convicted me the most was the challenge to openly tell others of Him. I decided to do just that. Everyday. Here’s what I learned while doing it…

1) It’s an incredible burden and privelege to share the Lord everyday.

2) People are pretty open to the Gospel. I was outright rejected less than a dozen times.

3) People are really going to Hell – and some are looking forward to it!

4) No matter what I say or how I say it, God will use every truthful word about Jesus.
(Isaiah 55:10-11)

5) As I witnessed about Christ it became easier and I was able to think of more creative ways to do it.

6) The goal of evangelizing everyday got me “used” to starting up a conversation about Jesus.

7) People actually got saved when I was bold enough to make “the close”.

8) It became fun to evangelize and my faith got energized as I did it.

9) Everybody can share about Jesus using their own personal style.

10) Most won’t.

I am renewing my commitment for another year and am excited to share these E-vangie Tales with you as I continue to learn.

But really, I’d love to hear of your experiences most of all. Take a step of faith and let me know about it.

***** If you’d like to make a commitment to pray for me and my family, we’d appreciate it greatly!

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