E-vangie Tales #95: Man Overboard!


On a recent trip to Catalina Island I could not resist temptation.

I was cautioned by someone very close to me to be extremely careful about handing out the Million-Dollar bill Gospel tracts on this visit. Why? My Dad and his wife were paying for the trip—and he is not saved…
null The boat to the island was not 15 minutes out of dock when I travelled downstairs with my daughters to have a look-see. I handed a bill to the uniformed attendant behind the snack bar, but she didn’t take it. “You’re doing a great job!” I said. “Here’s a big tip.” I flashed a winning smile.

She didn’t reciprocate.

I dropped the Gospel tract on the counter anyway, then walked to the stern of the boat while holding the hands of my girls.

We turned around and walked back past the snack counter. I dropped a couple of the millions on the laps of two passengers. “Here’s some spending money for your trip,” I said cheerfully. They smiled and nodded appreciatively.”

The uniformed snack lady barked out a command, “Do not hand out any more of those! We don’t appreciate that!”

My daughter D.D. rolled her eyes with a Oh no, not again look, . “I’m sorry,” I replied to Admiral Heath Bar. “I won’t do it anymore.”

I felt like a wimp. Right from the get go, I was nabbed. I had no First Ammendment Rights to appeal to because I was on a private cruiser. If I continued to hand out tracts they just might call the Coast Guard—maybe even keel-haul me. I didn’t want to risk a nice pleasant trip by having all of us—Dad included—left adrift in a life raft or marooned on a desert island tourist-trap.
null All sorts of fearful thoughts crossed my mind.

So I stopped.


  1. Jesus was not concerned about any of His rights. He always gave them up. He submitted to paying taxes when asked. When rejected, He walked away. The Word lets us know that God feels and has emotions in many instances. In front of magistrates, Jesus never defended Himself. “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do” and constant prayer to the Lord seems to me would be His response. I know He struggled as in the Garden before his crucifixion but He submitted without a fight for his rights.

  2. Good point. Something else to consider too: As a great sage of the modern era has said, “You gotta know when to hold ’em; you gotta know when to fold ’em.”

  3. Maybe not being allowed to hand out tracts could challenge us even more to try to share Christ even more boldly in words?

    I’m more comfortable handing someone a million, than just stopping someone and talking with them.. Breaking the ice is so easy with the Living Waters tracts..

    Still, I doubt the apostles used tracts the same way we do today. When we’re allowed to hand them out, we should.. If we’re thrown off a ship if we pass them out, maybe we should use our mouths instead of our hands at that moment.

    Just some thoughts. Be blessed brother! 🙂

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