E-vangie Tales #94: Hindu Barbeque


It ranks as one of the most creative rebukes by pagans that I have ever experienced. I was out-numbered, out-witted, and out-and-out embarrassed. They shut me up and got me out—quickly!

One evening I stumbled upon a large family having a pleasant barbeque on the beach. The little red dots on the center of their foreheads identified them as Hindus, a cue I took from God as a sign that I needed to go over and invite myself to the hoedown. null They were cooking something pungent and enjoying one another undisturbed in the glorious fade of the setting sun.

“Did you get one of these?” I asked the gathering, pulling out my trusty Million-Dollar bill Gospel tracts and handing them to each member of the large Indian family. With enthusiasm they grabbed them and started reading the back of the bill, which in no uncertain terms identifies the God who will judge them for their sin. I stood in front of the group and did something bold: I started preaching. “I want to ask you the million dollar question. If you were to die today would you go to Heaven or Hell?”

A child might have muttered, “Heaven.” Mostly, everyone continued to read the back of the tract.

“Has anyone ever lied? Or stolen anything?”

One or two hands were raised; the rest kept reading.

“If you’ve ever done any of those things then God sees you as a lying thief.”

“We don’t want to hear anymore,” one man said sternly.

“Why don’t you go away?” shouted another as he collected the tracts from the others. No one resisted.

“Please listen!” I insisted. “If you are found guilty on Judgment Day then—”

More men started shouting for me to leave. Ignoring them I pressed on and spoke louder. They needed to hear the truth and I would not be deterred. These people needed to turn from their idols and turn to the one true God.

“And if you are found guilty, then the penalty is—”

The leader did something shocking. I was appalled.

He suddenly started clapping and chanting some strange Indian tune in a very loud voice. Another man joined in. Then the others started clapping and singing, “Huh, yuh, meah coo, luh hoovoo nyuhnam, hinomm hoo”—or something like that. They all joined in together, getting louder and louder, and completely drowned out my preaching.

“CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! “Huh, yuh, meah coo luh hoovoo nyuhnam, hinomm hoo!” CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! They smiled and clapped and laughed and sang and completely ignored me!

I tried shouting over the din, but finally gave up. In humble acknowledgement of their creativity and persistence I smiled, conceding defeat. They smiled and nodded back, but kept on clapping and singing, not missing a beat.

The Hindu barbeque was ready to be served. I was raked over the coals, skewered and grilled. They burned me good.

No words from my Savior, “Well done good and faithful servant…”

Instead, I was well-done. null


  1. Hey, you tried. And they didn’t hand the tracks back to you, which means they might still have them….good job!

  2. No words from my Savior, “Well done good and faithful servant…”

    Are you sure? I’ve always heard that Jesus is not going to say “Well done good and successfull servant”, but rather give His well done to the faithful.

    We all need God’s grace to do His work, and I thank Him for you. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Jessica and Andreas.
    Tough crowds out there!

  4. Howdy, would you rate that as a meaningful converstation? I had a similiar fail to communicate experience Tuesday. I was wanting to have a meaningful converstation with someone and so while working in my yard a repairmen showed up next door and after some pleasant conversation about his 1964 Volve station wagon and his 1923 Model T Ford, I turned the converstation to the spiritual side when he said Jesus…He indicated that he studied theology and that now he believes in a Pantheistic God and that he believed in evolutuon and not the God of the Bible since the Bible was man made. He further stated that if there is a God then how come there are wars. I told him that he was very narrow minded and that I use to believe as he did and when I tried to tell him that wars happen because of man’s sins against God he jumped into his car and left. I didn’t think it was meaningful converstation as he and I got excited. But, I was surprised with myself for even engaging him into the conversation. Since it was election day I guess I was concerned for how most voters are more concerned with the political issues and not the moral implications for this nation to come…I do think that the scripture verse has a lot to say about how this nation is headed. If there was a moral concern in 2004, where was that same concern in 2006?

  5. Richard, I think that the reason people often bail out early on our attempts to talk to them about Jesus or they become rude to us, is because we have struck a cord. They feel conviction or perhaps something close to that. Ya know? I would say that yes, anytime you talk to someone about Jesus, you make an impact. Like Steve always says “God’s word will never return void.” Good job for talking to him Richard. Maybe God put him there for you two men to speak…

  6. I know that maybe no one will read this, but I want to leave a comment anyways 🙂 I just want to reassure us that God’s word tells us that most will not accept our message, but yet we are to tell all people the Gospel, even the ones who won’t accept it, when they don’t we are to shake the dust off of our feet and to keep going witht he Gospel. Also I don’t know the verse, but the Bible teaches that when people hate us and shut us out, it is not us they reject but God himself. People hate us as Christians and persecute us, not because of ourselves, but because of Christ. It is so sad that in this world the most hated message is the message of love and how to have an eternity in paradise with a loving Father where all our needs our met and no more tears will be shed.

    It is also important for us to always remember that we were once just as they are, we didn’t understand or see the truth either.

  7. the religion of my grandfather is Hinduism and he says that it is a great religion.,”~

  8. my father likes Hinduism coz he believes that this is a good religion”;;

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