E-vangie Tales #5 Travis Never Heard it Before


Dear Friends,

I tend to take for granted that we are a Christian society and that most everyone has heard the Gospel. But every now and then I’m reawakened to the fact that we are actually a post-Christian society when I talk to a person like Travis…

It was last Tuesday evening and time was running out to tell someone about Jesus and make my daily goal. I was in Trader Joe’s having my groceries checked out when I realized it was now or never. All day I hadn’t felt like sharing the Gospel with anyone but now was my chance: A gap in the check-out line…no customers behind me… and waiting to ring me up was a 20-something named Travis.

Now, my usual assumption is that everyone believes in a Heaven and Hell, but when I talk to someone under 30 I don’t make that assumption because they have grown up most likely without a Christian presence.

So I asked Travis, “Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?”

Travis replies, “No, not really.”

I then inquire, “What do you believe?”

“I don’t know, really.”

I then explain to him that the Bible teaches there is a Heaven and a Hell and does he know where he is going when he dies?

Travis:”I don’t know, really.”

So I continue, “Well, if you’ve sinned once you’d go to Hell. But, the good news is that Jesus died for your sins, was buried for three days and rose again…have you ever heard this before?”


“Really? I ask.

Travis again says, “No.”

So I ask if he has seen ‘The Passion of the Christ’ ?”

Again he answers “No.”

“Well,” I continue, “When it comes out on DVD you’ll see a guy get beat up for about an hour and a half. That’s the punishment we deserve for our sin, but Jesus paid the price for us. See it when it comes out.”

“I will”, Travis replies.

What’s cool about the younger generation is that they are willing to listen if you are real. Our conversation was relaxed in the short time I had before another customer got in line behind me. I ended up running out to my car to get the “Passion-Tract” and gave him my phone number should he have any questions.

Travis never heard the Gospel before!

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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