E-vangie Tales #41 A Great Privilege


The unexpected occurred. It was awesome…

Part of my pastoral responsibilities at Hope Chapel include a weekly POD shift. As the Pastor On Duty from 1-5pm on Wednesdays, I field calls, answer Bible questions, pray with people and attend to those who come into the church with various problems.

Last week, three people came into the office needing help so I grabbed my Bible, went downstairs and invited them into our counseling room.

I shut the door.

They had fallen on hard times and needed shelter, some food – whatever we could offer. I was happy to oblige in whatever way possible but before I did anything, I asked if they knew Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I explained that the root of all their troubles began with this thing called sin and if it wasn’t dealt with there were bigger problems to face than the ones they were up against now because they were enemies of God.

They listened attentively.

I explained that belief in Jesus and repentance was necessary to have their sins forgiven otherwise they would end up paying for their sins in Hell. I invited them to repent, pray and accept Christ’s offer of forgiveness.

They did. We prayed.

I ran to Hope in Action, grabbed three bags of food and asked Roberto to put some extra meat in them. And some extra bread! And cookies! Heck, if I had a fatted calf I’m sure he would have stuffed it in too. I gave them McDonald’s coupons, Bibles (out of my personal stash), and promised some bus tokens. I gave them my card, told them to call me and invited them to church.

I had to celebrate and be glad, because these people were dead and alive again; they were lost and are found!


Do you think it was fair to take advantage of the situation they were in and present the Gospel at this vulnerable time in their lives? Let me know.


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