E-vangie Tales #39 The Guy I Couldn’t Avoid


I went back to Chong’s last week and there behind the counter is…Andy, the Manager!

Out of courtesy, I open the door for a few people coming into the restaurant. Some stood around looking at the wall menu while others poked at the safety glass that seperated noses from food. Let’s see, I’m right after the guy with the T-shirt…he’s behind the smily lady who is next to the…oh to heck with it! I’m trusting God with my “to go” box this time (see last week’s E-vangie Tale).

A guy in jeans and a casual shirt asks me what I want. Assuming he’s the owner I exclaim, “I love this place!”

Another customer says, “Best fast food around.”

I ask the server if he is indeed the owner.

“Yes,” Mark answers.

All of a sudden Andy appears and stands right next to him.

“Oh noooooo!” I think to myself, “I’ve got to say something… and fast.” So I do. “You know, Mark, Andy’s the hardest worker I’ve seen.”

“I’m too busy,” Andy says with a huge grin while slightly averting his eyes from mine.

“Give Andy a raise,” I say to Mr. Chong.

Andy begins to wait on me. “Did you have a good holiday? he asks.


“I drank a little too much,” he confesses.

“Not me. Hey do you remember what we talked about last week?”

“Yes. And I’ll tell you something. You are a god!”

“Oh no,” I protest, “Not me. If I was God we’d all be in trouble.”

“Even the Bible says we are the Body of Christ,” another customer who was obviously eaves-dropping says, “So you have to tap into the Christ-conscienceness.”

“Let me tell you something,” Andy says seriously. “You can do what you want.” He points to his head and continues, “It’s all up here. If you want to be president you can do it. It’s the god in you.”

“Oh. I just want to submit to my God and try and do what He wants,” I explain.

“Not true! Not true! It’s all up here. You do what you want!” Andy says emphatically.

“I’m just trying to do what Jesus wants.”

Too many customers. Too much intensity. I gotta get out of this place.

Blind-sided again.

***** Now what would you have said in response to all this? Let me know.

***** Last week, Andy said that Christ died just so He could be famous. I didn’t know what to say, so I asked you how you would answer him. Here are some great replies:

1) “Let him know this, if he does not believe Jesus, then he will be sitting in the burning wok for the rest of his eternal life… -David in Huntington Beach.

2) “Well, this famous man also said some famous things. He said not to cast your pearls before swine, so I guess I should have known.” -Pat in Hawthorne.

3) “Why would you believe something like that?” -Jerry of Lomita.

4) “Jesus didn’t die to become famous, Jesus died so that you might have life after you die and all you have to do is believe that to receive it.” -Nadine of Torrance.

5) “Yeah, some do die to become famous but how many of those dead famous people actually ROSE AGAIN?” -Melisande. *****

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