E-vangie Tales #32 Than Who?


I wanted to see who was truly thankful last week, why, and to whom. So I asked a few people and got a variety of answers…

At Joe’s I asked the waitress, “What are you thankful for?” She looked surprised and didn’t answer.

When she came back I asked her the same question. She replied, “That I’m alive!”

I said, “I’m thankful that I’m alive too, and that I’ll be alive after I die because of Jesus.”


At Blockbuster video the counter guy got the same question. He said he was thankful for his job, life, and other things. So I then asked, “Who’s your god?”

“The Lord,” he answered.

“Jesus?” I asked.


“Oh are you born-again?”


I gave him the Gospel and recommended our church.

*** As I took a walk around the block with my girls we encountered a neighbor we hadn’t met before who was thankful for a variety of things. When I asked her who her god was, she said He was Jesus. Just then her live-in boyfriend drove up and she introduced him to me. After some pleasantries were exchanged I asked Elizabeth what church she attended. “Oh I do my own thing, I don’t go to church.” I explained that I was a Pastor at Hope Chapel and invited her to come visit. She politely declined and beat a hasty retreat into her home.

*** I asked Dean on Thanksgiving day what he was thankful for as I picked up some videos for my wife.

“Nothing,” he said.

“There is nothing you can thank God for?”

“I don’t believe in that (expletive).”

G.K. Chesterton observed, “One of the sad things about being an atheist, is feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude without having anyone to thank.”

I don’t know what he would have said about Dean.

***** ???What are you thankful for? Tell me at

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