E-vangie Tales #17C Jamba Juice Joy – The e-mails


Hi Justin,

What a great meditation you just wrote, it was very interesting and I can see you are a very bright guy. I want you to look up a verse and write back and tell me what you think it means, it’s very important in terms of understanding who God is and what He requires.

Last night you crossed over (according to the Bible) from darkness into light, your eternity changed from Hell (eternal punishment from God for sin), to Heaven (where there is no more pain, fear, crying or death). It was awesome to pray with you.

Contact me with any questions you may have and send me an address where I can send you a Bible and info about being a new believer. You can call me at 310 374-4673 x.121 anytime, I’ll give you my cell phone number as well if you need it.

May I have your permission to post your E-mail on a web-site that covers my evangelistic endeavors? It will be posted next week probably by Aug.21. You will also read about my encounter with you! Awesome! Check out the site anyway it’s: and click on E-vangie Tales. By the way, the church where I’m an associate Pastor is Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach.

Oh yeah… the verse I want you to look up is found in the book of John, Chapter 14, verse 6. Write me back with your thoughts and questions.

God bless you, Pastor Steve

********(Then he wrote back to me again…)************************

Well I’m glad you responded Steve. I must admit, I wasn’t sure of how you’d respond. You may most definitely post my meditation, and I thank you for doing so! I liked John 14:6, Jesus is a Way to God, no doubt. I don’t know, I might be wrong, but I believe God has a path for us all, and I’m just trying to follow mine. One of my favorite verses that I’ve read so far (I’m kind of jumping between the Old and New Testaments) is Genesis 11:6, because I think it’s true even today. If you want to mail me anything, I’m at: (his address) I thank you for your thoughts and your prayer, these are things I will not forget. I wish you Peace on your path, my brother of God.

Much Love,


********(Steves E-mail back )**********************************

Hey Justin,

Sorry for the late response but I was prepping a sermon for last week-end and went down to Murrieta on Sun./Mon. Anyway, I will be sending you a “New Believer’s Bible” that answers a lot of questions you
might have and a Bible study that I want to encourage you to work through.

In response to your answer about Jesus being “a way” to God, remember he said that he was “The Way” to God and there is no other way to have a relationship with the one true God. I know this is really narrow minded but check out what Jesus said about following Him in Mathew Chap. 7, verses 13-14. Pretty gnarly, huh?

Also check out this narrow-minded statement found in the book of Acts Ch. 4, verse 12. I know you said you were raised to be open-minded, and I can appreciate that, so was I. But there can only be one way to God according to Jesus (unless of course he’s lying). So as you check into this yourself, please feel free to contact me with your concerns because it’s awesome to live for the Living God!

I was a major drug addict before I became a Christian, if you’d like to hear my story go to and click on “media site” then click on “here” under the “ and scroll down to June 22, 2003 and you can hear my story called “The Worst of Sinners”. If you’ like to hear the reason why Jesus had to die and why he is the only way, listen to my talk called “The Greatest Verse in the Bible” on March 28, 2004. I hope all this helps!!!

God bless you,

Pastor Steve

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