E-vangie Tales #16 Family Tag Team


The blue-haired-Mohawk-guy named Clay came over as I was barbequing with my two daughters at Wilderness Park and accepted our offer of turkey dogs, still hot on the grill. As he left our picnic table to get them from the BBQ, my 5 year-old, D.D., whispered conspiratorially, “Dada? Are you going to tell him about Jesus?”

“No”, I said. “You do it!”

“No, Daddy,” D.D. protested, “You do it!”

“Nooooooo… I calmly replied, ”You do it.”

Clay sauntered back over and started chatting, when my 2 ½ year old, Laurel Ann, asked, “Do you know Jesus?”

No response from Clay.

She tried again, “Do you know Jesus?”

“I know who he is…”

“Are you going to Heaben or Heah?”

“I’m going to Heaven.”

I said to D.D., ”Ask him why he’s going to Heaven.”

“Nooooooo, Dada.”


D.D. gives in. “Why are you going to Heaven?”

“I’m a good person,” Clay answered. “I take care of animals and I do what I can for people.”

“Tell him, D.D.,” I said.

D.D. continues a bit more confidently, “You can’t be a good enough person. You must have Jesus as your King and Savior. He died for your sins.”

At this point, Clay is choking down his turkey dogs rather hurriedly. I complete the conversation by explaining what sin is and how Jesus paid the price, etc. He thanked us for the food and went to his tent to rest.

Later, we see Clay again and wave hello.

Little Laurel Ann then proceeds to fall into the pond while trying to catch a turtle. We have to leave.

Darn Satan!

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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