E-vangie Tales #14 Breaking and Entering!


Dear Friends,

Sometimes it’s hard to find a spot to break into a conversation and share the Gospel, so I like looking for natural transitions that help me enter in to the “Jesus Zone”…

To the guy working at the dry cleaners-

Me:”Man it’s hot in here!”

He:”Yeah. And it’s going to get a whole lot hotter later.”

Me:”I know a place that’s going to be a whole lot hotter than this…”

He:”The desert?”

To the sample lady at Costco-
Me:”You’re always giving me something for free, let me give you something: A Gospel of John.”

To Burt Ladin, a 70 year old Jewish New Yorker, while we both waited for our lunch parties outside a restaurant-
(After I introduced myself to him I asked if he was a Hollywood producer because he was decked out in gold and a snazzy suit and looked the part.)

Me:”So Burt, what do you do?”

Burt:”I’m in post-production. I’m a finisher.”

Me:”Me too. I’m in post-production, I’m a finisher too.”

Burt:”You are?”

Me:Yes. I’m a pastor.

Burt:”A pastor? Post-production…HA! HA! HA! HA!
(Burt declined to take a Gospel of John from me after I explained that Jesus was his Messiah by saying,”I think we understand each other.”)

In the past I’ve asked the parking guy at the pier, “Where are you going when your ticket gets punched?” as I handed him his money.

Let your light shine brightly this week,

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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