Destinations: USC & Transformed Conference

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Two weeks ago our team was punted from the grounds surrounding the L. A. Coliseum by the State Police because we didn’t have a permit for amplified sound. Despite the fact that tailgaters all over the premises blare their sound systems at interminable decibel levels, the evangelists were singled out.

The interesting paradox is that hundreds, if not thousands, of game day party-goers cross over a main intersection from the USC campus with open containers, half drunk or full-on drunk while the LAPD, the security officers, the state police, and the civilian guardians¬† look the other way. Last time I checked with this was still illegal! Yet open containers abound; that’s why we preach the word! And that’s why we get stopped—frequently. Could it be that the powers that be over at USC have a little influence?

We have a solution this time. An alternative plan. Will it work? (Sorry, can’t tell ya right now.)

Meet at Hope Chapel at a Special Time, 9am, to carpool. Game is at 12:30pm.

You may want to go the TRANSFORMED Conference featuring Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron in Garden Grove instead. It’s safer too! It’s also free and is a jammed pack 4 hour event. Session times are 8:30am -12:30pm & 1:30pm – 5:30 pm. Click here for details and directions.

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  1. Maybe because people congregate there for the exact purpose of tailgating? The police and security look the other way as long as no one is getting hurt, but they’re not going to ruin people’s fun at these games. If they started cracking down on them then no one would show up and spend money. Megaphones and music playing are part of a tailgating atmosphere, not soapboxes and loud stationary speaker systems that you use to shout at passersby, urging them to repent of their wicked ways and possibly inviting arguments or conflict. Conflict being something police officers want to avoid. There’s no need to feel like a martyr.

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