Cute Video: The Sneezing Panda


This 14 second video has gotten over 1,600,000 viewings! One version received over 80 million!!!

Why in the world would I post this video on an evangelism blog? For the answer, see below…

Why would I post this cute, darling, adorable, cuddly YouTube vid to this blog? Here’s the reason:

Maybe a few more people will visit.

Yes, I admit it. I’d love to have more people sample this site, but I’m not naive. I understand that an evangelism blog has a very limited audience; here’s why:

  • Bill Bright has stated that 2% of Christians share their faith. Out of those 2% most are repelled by biblical evangelism because they don’t understand it, dismissing it as too harsh and judgmental. I don’t expect them to visit.
  • Of those who do share their faith in a biblical manner—those that understand that using the Law, the 10 Commandments, is the most effective way for sinners to understand why they  are going to Hell and need a Savior—even they eventually lose their zeal (for the most part) and don’t want to be reminded of the urgency of this irksome task, which is the whole purpose of this blog. I don’t expect them to visit that often.
  • The other 98% of Christians will not be interested in this type of site because they are too concerned with other things: potlucks, choir practice, weddings,  family rearing, life. All good things, important things, of course, but shouldn’t evangelism be included? I expect them to stumble on this site accidentally then quickly click out and get on over to GodTube.
  • Non Christians (the non-atheist kind) will not understand why this site needs to exist. It’s a waste of time. Stupid. They won’t visit again.
  • Atheists will visit for a limited time and only because they want to ridicule this writer and his faith. Eventually they, too, will leave in frustration due to his fundamentalist, narrow-minded, Stone-Age thinking. I expect them to visit haphazardly.

But I’m stuck. I can’t write with passion about anything else!  I must encourage believers to take the step and experience the great adventure that is Biblical evangelism. There is nothing else I can do, so I’ll just  have to be satisfied with my limited audience.

Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen.

Still, a cute video never hurts every now and then. Even if I am…



  1. No doubt you do this to spread pandamonium. Try as I might, it’s really hard to just grin and bear it. Your methods are ineffective and your continued defense of them just leaves me bamboozled. I’d like to think my efforts are not in vain, however, and work to cub your efforts to disseminate faulty arguments and misinformation. You might blame Satan, but my reasonings for what I do are simply to better life for everyone: a goal that is nothing to sneeze at.

  2. What about me Steve? I come here for the debate and to hear other people’s views. I want to know why your sect of Christianity believes and thinks the way they do. Why they deny the natural world (God’s Creation) in favor of texts that have been translated and retranslated over time. Why they mock Christians and Agnostics who don’t presume to understand God’s judgement or how he will decide the fate of each of us who die. And also condemning people who believe in a different religion either because of the culture or location they were born into. I think the major reason why people steer clear of this site Steve is not because they’re afraid of the message is that they can’t believe how narrow minded it seems. Its my hope that I can appeal to people who read this to seek out rationalism rather then fundamentalism. The natural world and science isn’t evil Steve its our friend.

  3. Pastor Steve, God bless you and keep doing what you are doing. I struggle with evangelism, but your website is convicting and encouraging. God has used this site and you Pastor Steve in my life. I just want you to remain encouraged to keep on keeping on preaching the biblical gospel!!!

    Lord be with you,


  4. Steve, I visit almost every day. I find it very encouraging. I am an Ambassador Academy grad from this summer. Please keep it up.

    Thanks, Kevin

  5. Steve,

    I love your website. You are such an encouragement to me. I love hearing about your adventures in evangelism and I often get ideas from you that I try to implement, or tuck away for future use. Keep on truckin’ for the faith brother.


  6. Greetings from the Philippines Pastor Steve! 🙂

    I have to agree with you that Christian blogs/sites have a limited audience. But if a single brother or sister in Christ is encouraged, that would certainly keep us up, and even fighting for the faith. How much more if a single lost soul is converted to Christ through the use of this blog, there would certainly much great rejoicing in Heaven. I truly believe if just a single lost one has been found by our Great Shepherd through the use of this blog, then it has truly served its purpose. Be encouraged in the Lord, for the Word of God will not fail (Isaiah 55:11).

    God bless you Pastor Steve! Phil. 1:6!

    And about the panda video, I have watched it many times and it STILL makes me laugh 🙂 It’s good I watched it again 🙂

  7. Steve;
    I just linked this to my FB page, and visit your site at least once a week to see what is going on as well. Also an Ambassador Academy #16 Alumni, taking a team out every week in Reno, NV to share Christ with the lost.

    In Christ

  8. Awesome! Thanks! I’ll continue on!!!

  9. God uses the weak and beggarly things to change the world. What we think makes little impact God says, “thats what I’ll use!!” and His ability makes the difference. I always laugh inside at some Christians who mock and bad mouth open air preaching and tract evangelism, because thats how I know it is getting Gods attention to work through it. He uses the foolish things and the base things!!!! The things the “wise” think are not good enough and weak. This site is being used more powerfully than we see.

  10. I love the video – so funny the reaction of the mama bear!! Keep up the work Steve, I visit the site frequently and God is using it to grow me and my husband, Morgan. Without sites like yours and the encouragement from our fellow academy members it would be easy to give up, lose zeal and forget about the lost, like Tony says at the academy – DON’T QUIT! You never know who has stumbled on to this site and what God is doing in them.

    And to Vintango – you are right, science is not evil, everyday it is proving more and more that what the Bible says is true for those who are willing to look at ALL of the evidence objectively. Keep searching for the truth.

  11. @Val

    You laugh at Christians who mock and bad mouth tract evangelism? I’m curious Val, who do you think are the “wise”?

  12. “God uses the weak and beggarly things to change the world.”

    That’s not the nicest thing to say about Steve, Val.

  13. Hey Steve, if you really want some traffic you should contribute to the “It Gets Better” project! We can do better than pandas, right?

  14. Hi Steve, I am an ambassador grad from August along with my wife Michelle and 6 others from our church. At the street fair, you should have seen how Michelle was interacting with the crowds. Also, 4 of us open aired. Thanks for your passion.

  15. “Why would I post this cute, darling, adorable, cuddly YouTube vid to this blog? Here’s the reason:

    Maybe a few more people will visit.”

    Well, you know, with that logic, you should title all the links [with an interesting title]

    (Oh, and I support Garrett’s last comment.)

  16. Hey, Gary! I’m an alumni from academy #16 as well. 🙂

    I check the blog several times a week, often daily.

  17. amen Pastor Steve!!! I visit your blog frequently, I am always amused with the atheist debates that go on, it seems like a lot of times they debate themselves and always go in the same circle over and over never coming to the knowledge of the truth, I pray they repent and put their faith in Christ, your blog encourages me Pastor, I am still sharing my faith everyday because I am concerned about where people will spend eternity, even though im super busy with school, I can’t afford to become comfortable when people are perishing! God bless you! Hope to see you guys when school is over!

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