Destinations: Redondo Pier/FREE TRACTS


NOTE: Everyone who accompanies our evangelism team always gets free Gospel tracts thanks to the wonderful generosity of The Way of the Master.

This Saturday we will be heading out to the gentle and fun Redondo Pier to evangelize. (Well, there are always a few exceptions.) We share primarily one-to-one and hand out tracts. Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to car pool. To see everything we are doing in May, click here.

We have great freedom in America. Others don’t enjoy such liberty. Watch this disturbing report of a man who was arrested for street preaching in England.


  1. Hey, he has the “Atheist Test” tracts! Those are my favorite!

    I love the oranges argument the most. 🙂

  2. For the record, I completely support this man’s rights to preach how he wants to preach, just as I support the Phelps clan to preach how they want to preach.

    I want everyday people to hear the real opinions that these individuals (such as McAlpine and Phelps) have.

    Most importantly, sticks and stones may break my bones but names and being told I’m sinful will never hurt me.

  3. He hasn’t been taken to trial yet, so we’ll see how that fares.

    I do, however, feel he has a right to be a bigot and spout whatever hateful bile he wishes provided it’s not provoking violence.

  4. If you ever hear anybody talking about how the European Continent is so much more forward thinking that the USA. Just show them this video. Christian lawmakers believing in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ founded this country. And upon their faith in the risen Savior were the laws that framed our constitution written. Nowhere will you find any wish to force, or hate or put in jail or kill those who have other beliefs. In fact, your religious belief is protected. That is why we are the land of the free and home of the brave. Pray that this country will never give up its liberties, that over 1 million men and women have died to gain and protect.

    Happy National Day of Prayer to all my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

  5. Lets make good use of our freedom of speech while we still have it. For those who are afraid to talk about specific sins, just read 1 Corinthians 6:9. Those who fight with us who bring the truth are not fighting us but God. Who do you think will win? Whose side do you want to be with?
    Think of people like John the Baptist. Even though he knew his head was at stake, he did not waver in his message, even to the king!

  6. Those who fight with us who bring the truth are not fighting us but God.

    No, you can be sure that they fight against you.

    If they were looking to be fighting God, then they wouldn’t be talking to you; they’d be talking to God.

  7. And isn’t a good thing if you lose? Doesn’t your textbook state that a reduction in Christianity is a sign of Jesus’s second vacation?

  8. Sorry, Steve, but I’m not a coward easily ruled by fear. I’d say nice try, but that’s such a crusty old method.

  9. This certainly is a disturbing report. He was not breaking the law and he should win his case in court. Pray for us in the UK.

    We are relieved that Labour/ the Liberal Democrats (both of whom have strong anti-evangelical Christian agendas) did not gain outright power in the election and this should allow free speech for a few more years at least. We don’t have forever though. In a few years’ time I have no doubt that Christians who stand up for scriptural truth will be imprisoned.

  10. Uh, thanks for proving my point on the fear thing, I guess?

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