Destinations: Redondo Beach Street Fair


This Saturday we will be heading out to yet another street fair in South Redondo Beach. Want to join in? Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool.

Want to know what happened at the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade last week? Team leader Tom Nance-Ulrich has this report. Hollywood Gay Pride Parade 2010 Outreach
as reported by Tom Nance-Uhlrich

Eight intrepid evangelists, ranging from a current student in Steve Sanchez’s “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear” class to an Ambassadors’ Academy Team Leader, set out to West Hollywood on Sunday morning June 13, 2010.

I was the only one who had gone to last year’s parade, shared some advice with the evangelists that “Righteous Richard” gave him last year:  “Keep your eyes on faces, and the hand you are putting a tract into.” Tom warned the group that they were going to an event like they have never gone to before, and will see things they have never seen. Afterward this was confirmed by all.

The little band was able to hand out an estimated 6,000-7,000 pink “Got Equality” tracts, million dollar bill tracts and giant $100 bills. We walked the entire length of the parade from back to front. One evangelist was slapped across the face, another was propositioned, and another had his tracts ripped to pieces.

At one time a stack of giant $100 bills was stolen out one of the evangelist’s hands and the thief then tried to rip the stack of bills in half. Being unable to do so, he took them to a police officer and claimed that we were preaching hatred by handing out hate-filled tracts. The evangelist explained that we were there to preach love. He showed the officer the tract, who after reading it, said he found nothing illegal or inappropriate on them. He told the evangelist that he could continue handing out tracts, but that he had to keep moving so he would not be blocking traffic.

All of the team members reported several good conversations and were very happy to be used by the Lord to share the Law & Gospel with those who so need to hear the truth of Christ.


  1. Brother Tom,

    God bless you and your team for your obedience and willingness to be ridiculed and falsely accused for Christ at probably the most difficult and challenging public events to be giving the gospel at.

  2. Yeah, turns out a gay pride parade isn’t going to be too happy with bigotry. What a shocker.

  3. Azou: Please define how we exhibited bigotry. Thanks!

  4. I believe we are being mistaken for the so-called Cristian evangelists who carry signs reading ” God hates gays!” or something similar. But, if you have seen several videos on this site, in which Pastor Steve talks with gay or lesbian people, he doesn’t even bring up the subject of their sexual orientation unless they mention it. He shows them that they have sinned and, unless they repent, they will spend eternity in hell. They may not like the message, but there’s no bigotry in it.

    Since everyone who has taken Pastor Steve’s evangelizing class or attended the Ambassador’s Academy has been taught that there is no need to broach that subject, I doubt there was any bigotry coming from Tom’s group.

  5. Azou:

    I share the gospel of Jesus Christ at gay pride parades as well.

    If I was a bigot, and my hatred (bigotry) toward homosexuals was intense, I might think about attending and voice my hatred toward those of same sex persuasion and liftestyle. And that would be self-serving at the same time.

    But, the truth is, I love them. I care for them, as I do any person regardless of sexual persuasion. The fact that they are homosexuals is not what drives me to give them the gospel.

    What drives me is a compassion for the lost, for ANYBODY who would stand condemned before God if they were to die that day without having heard or received the gospel and given the opportunity to repent of their sins and place their faith in Christ.

    Bigotry is hatred. And hatred is sin, a violation of God’s 6th commandment.

    If loving them enough to make the time and effort to share the saving gospel of Jesus with them is ‘bigotry’, then I’m a regenerated Archie Bunker ten times over.

  6. So you are perfectly fine with homosexuals having their rights to wed, have a family and so forth? No problem with gay tolerance in the classroom?

    Something tells me you don’t, and your methods are far more subtle than a “God Hates Fags” sign. You hide your intolerance and pretend it’s love. It’s not based in rational thought. Go on, explain why homosexuality is a bad thing without resorting to “Because God said so.” I mean, STDs affect heterosexuals, so it’s not like you have a strong case there. Gays have a higher case of mental duress, but that’s hardly surprising considering the hostility they face on a daily basis. So what it is?

    While I do not advocate theft or destruction of your tracts and other evangelism tools, the gay community is not stupid. They know that religion is a major (only?) source of anti-gay rhetoric and you shouldn’t be too shocked when they lash out when you arrive at one of the occasions when they can be out with less fear of reprisal.

  7. I can’t add more than Paul Latour did….

    You have to understand, Azou, that God’s standard is the sole criteria for my life’s plan and purpose. So if God says so, it’s so.

    You can Google enough secular reasons if you’d like, but the bottom line for us going to a Gay Pride event is to show how God’s love was demonstrated: on a cross, for them. For me. For you.

  8. And you must understand that, until you can actually conjure up some actual evidence for God and any authority such a being may have, you are actually irrationality against a group of people.

    That’s is bigotry defined. Don’t be so ashamed about it. It makes your deity happy, right? What do you care what I think? Oh right, this is a PR battle, and the modern world is less and less enamored with petty hatred.

  9. Sorry, it’s late and the last post had numerous grammatical errors. I apologize for any possible confusion brought on by that.

  10. Azou,

    I disagree with your comment that “you hide your intolerance and pretend it’s love” for the following reason:

    If you, or your boss, called a meeting to discuss (for example) excessive absenteeism and employees clocking each other in or out for lunch, it would be completely off the topic for someone bring up the fact that some employees are not adhering to the dress code. One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other, nor is it the reason the meeting was called.

    Our “meeting” is about showing ALL those who have sinned that, unless they repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ, they will spend eternity in hell. It is NOT about their sexual preferences. They are sinners regardless of their orientation, and going down “rabbit trails” serves no purpose for them or us.

  11. I have stated before that I am not AGAINST anyone, but am FOR all people. I went to this parade, as I have gone to many,many other parades, because there would be a large gathering of people. It doesn’t matter to me the reason for the parade, it’s a large gathering of people. As with any large gathering of people, many there have not repented and trusted in Jesus Christ as Savior & Lord. So I go to share the truth of the Law & the Gospel with them, to give them an opportunity to hear or read the truth and come to faith in Christ. Simple as that, no other agendas.

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