Destinations: Redondo Beach Pier


This Friday and Saturday we are going to our local favorite fishing hole: The Redondo Beach Pier. Meet at Hope chapel at 4:30 pm on Friday and noon on Saturday to carpool. It’s a relatively safe place except for angry pelicans. Why is the one pictured below attacking my daughters? Click here to find out.


  1. I breed them in my atheist aviary.

  2. I love Redondo Beach Pier…I was there back in 2003 at the hotel that faces the Pacific ocean that faces the Ruby’s diner…. and up the block from the Cheesecake factory…cannot remember which hotel it was…very beautiful and loved one of the Churros stands…then laughed with the oriental guy with a stand of paying so much money to pick a oyster to see if you get a big pearl…. would love to go back out there and visit ya guys.

  3. Next time I go to California I’ll have to check out this Redondo beach show, I’ve never actually seen the evanglists in action, have you ever found anyone yet who’s passed the good person test Steve?

  4. The good person test is designed to be impossible.

    Our moral standard is impossible to follow, which makes you wonder why we even have it. It’s not like it’s going to make the world a better place, and presumably we’re all zombies or something in Heaven. Steve never really said much about what goes on at Heaven beyond stroking God’s ego.

  5. It’s an impossible standard, that’s the whole point. A defintion of Good you would never find in use anywhere else except ‘The Good Person Test’.

  6. Yes, an instruction manual for life. Complete with instructions you can’t follow.

  7. You need a Savior!

    First we need a reason to need a savior.

    Then we need a reason to accept the savior that you present.

    Regardless, the “Good Person Test” only works if you accept certain axioms, such as “The Protestant version of the 10 Commandments is authoritative”. If you don’t accept this axiom, then the test doesn’t work.

    This is why the test simply cannot work outside of Christianity. Even within Christianity, it will only work on selected individuals.

  8. Well, he’s apparently already done the deed, so I should be covered. In the event I am wrong, I’m proud to have not willingly been part of such a gross perversion of justice and take my punishment like a man.

  9. That is interesting Garrett, what exactly goes on in Heaven? I mean its the alternative to Hell sure, but if its a place to be with God wouldn’t it get boring? You and God and everyone else in heaven, doing…. whatever… for eternity? Praising God? Would you still have your mortal mind… a mind that’s prone to sinning? Or will God change your will and mind so that you’re as sinless as he? I mean does anyone have any information on what awaits you in Heaven?

  10. That is an awesome photo!
    By the way, Don’t Miss Heaven!!

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