Destination: Santa Monica Pier


This Saturday we will be going to the world famous Santa Monica Pier to share our faith. This is where Kirk Cameron witnessed to a group of gang members* (see it here). Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool.

*An interesting note: In the offices of Living Waters (Kirk’s ministry, of course, with Ray Comfort) is a photo of a big man holding two signs. One says: “Abortion is a sin; adoption is the only option.” The other sign declares: “Jesus loves all babies.” The man holding these signs is none other than the gang member wearing the sunglasses. He got saved a short while after Kirk interviewed him.


  1. Wow..that’s beautiful, another sheep in the fold=)!!!

  2. What!! The gang member who was in the video with Kurt!! How awesome is God.

  3. Please where can I go to find out more information on this guy and where can I see him carrying the signs?

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