Comfy Couch Christians


It was such a pleasure to get back to one-on-one evangelizing after being virtually shut-up in a Communist country.
null The day after I got back from China I went to our local Farmer’s Market and handed out about a hundred Million-Dollar bill Gospel tracts. I felt so free!!!

There’s the rub…

In China, I could have handed out thousands of pieces of Gospel literature to willing and hungry people—hungering and thirsting for the way of righteousness. I know that I could have had crowds of hundreds listening to a message from the Lord; thousands may have been saved! Unfortunately, it is illegal and I didn’t want to jeopardize the home group where I was sent to minister.

Now here I am in America, free to preach and hand out literature—but nobody cares. And not many of the “Saved” are obedient to the Lord’s command to “Go!”

Cozy Christianity.

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