Thank the Communists!


We have it so good in America. That is painfully evident when you go to a country where freedom is restricted.

I will be starting 2 new weekly columns this week, inspired by the Communists.

One column will be “Lost Liberties.” null This will feature articles and court cases that show how we are slowly losing our religious freedom.

Will you care? We only have a few more years before it will be illegal to preach Christ crucified. Do you care?

The other column will be “Martyrs.”
Real Christians who are paying the price for their faith will be featured here.

Joni Mitchell once sang “You don’t know what you have ’til it’s gone…”


  1. YEAH!! I’m really looking foward to reading all those columms. I do sometimes get lazy about handing out tracks and reading all your articles help to fire me up and remind me how important this all is.

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