China Mission 2006, PART 1: Terminal Runs


(This is part 1 of 13 parts)

 (To read what happened on our 2005 mission trip, and to get some color of the area and house church, click here.)

While waiting at LAX to go to San Francisco on the first leg of our journey to China, I encouraged the team to do “Terminal Runs” since we had a few hours to kill and about 500 Million-Dollar Bill Gospel tracts. We were in the priveleged position of being behind the lines of security which afforded us the opportunity to go “International” with the Gospel. The challenge? Hand out as many tracts as possible before our plane leaves.
null To test the waters we handed out a few to some Transportation Security Authority (TSA) personnel who responded with laughs and many thank-yous. Even the airport police smiled when they got theirs. I knew we were on the right track with our tracts as we trekked throughout the airport when one service lady refused to take one. “Why don’t you want one?” I asked.

“I already got one,” she replied.

“How did you already get one? I just started handing them out.”

“You gave me one last time you were here.”

“But that was a year ago,” I declared.

“That’s right. It was a year ago when you gave me one. Right here!”

Can you believe it? Before going to China in November of last year, we handed out tracts in this very same terminal—and I just happened to get a repeat customer!

A sign from God?



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