China Mission Part 2: The Drop


I stood in line to load my carry-ons into the overhead luggage containers as people waited behind me to do the same as we boarded the plane that would take everyone to San Francisco, the first stop on our journey to China. I took advantage of the situation…

I turned to team member Sandy, and said, “Watch this.” Pulling out a huge stack of Million-Dollar Bill Gospel tracts for everyone to see I pretended to struggle a little and “accidentally” dropped some onto the floor in full view of the other passengers. A businessman took the bait.

“Okay,” he said. “I’m intrigued. What are those?”

“They’re million-dollar bills,” I replied. “Here. Take one!”

He did, then sat down to read the Gospel message on the back. I pulled out my “Scientific Proof for the Theory of Evolution” book and said, “Hey!Take a look at this. It’s the best book I’ve ever read on Evolution.”

“Oh, uh… no,” Mr. Businessman stammered, waving me away. “That’s okay. Not right now…”

I smiled and opened the book, revealing the completely blank pages inside.

“Hah!” he guffawed. “Another gimmick!”

I sat down between Sandy and a Chinese man who didn’t speak English. “Watch this,” I said to Sandy as I pulled out a handful of millions and “accidentally” dropped them on the floor in front of the Chinese man. He quickly bent over, picked them up, and handed them back to me. I gestured for him to keep one. He shook his head, No, no. I gestured back to him, take it, take it, but he kept handing the bills back to me.

Suddenly, another Chinese man across the aisle waved at me to give him one. Then the Chinese men sitting next to him all gestured that they would like one as well. I smiled at Sandy with a knowing wink. As I started handing out the millions to the little China across the aisle, the Chinese people sitting in front of me gestured wildly for me to give them some bills too!

Finally, the Chinese man sitting next to me wanted one.

I’ll do anything to win a convert.


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