Weekend Read: “The Secret” Revealed!

This is not about Oprah. This is the account of a revival that started in 1857. Think it could happen again? Read this short, encouraging excerpt, then click the links at the end to read the full story and discover “The Secret” of  this 19th century move of God.

The Presbyterian Magazine reported that as of May there had been fifty thousand converts of the revival. In February, a New York Methodist magazine reported a total of eight thousand conversions in Methodist meetings in one week.  The Louisville daily paper reported seventeen thousand Baptist conversions in three weeks during the month of March.  And according to a June statement, the conversion figures stood at 96,216–and still counting. All but two of the youth in one high school were saved.  A similar event took place in Toledo, Ohio. These are just brief examples of what was happening constantly all across the nation.

Weekend Read: Objections to Street Preaching Considered

This is a classic article written by William Taylor, a Methodist in the California Conference in the mid-1800’s. Although published in 1867, this article speaks to our generation. Mr. Taylor spoke about common objections to street preaching and uses many personal experiences to persuade his readers. The book from which this chapter is taken is called, “Seven Years Street Preaching in San Francisco, California.”


I reply: Any minister of the Gospel, whose “ministerial dignity” depends, for its elevation and support, upon the sacredness of a consecrated pulpit, is not, I confess, a suitable person for a street preacher. A preacher, to succeed in the streets, must be dignified by a special unction of the Holy Spirit. He must feel such an undying thirst for the salvation of sinners as will prompt him, like Aaron to run out into the camp, and “stand between the living and the dead;” not only to offer the incense of earnest prayer to God on their behalf, but also to warn them from the example of their neighbors, who have perished in their sins.