Elder Abuse, My Mom, and the Sovereignty of God

“The nursing home killed Mom,” my sister told me.

It was an “untimely death,” but not really.

Due to California’s stupid Covid policies, my sister couldn’t get into the convalescent home for three weeks to check on her though she had been going every day. When she was finally able to see her, she saw evidence of extreme abuse and neglect:

  • Five bedsores the size of plates that went down to the bone
  • Bruises on her body
  • Failure to check her urinary tract infection after she was “supposedly” healed

We were angry to say the least.

The last time Cindy saw her she was eating a Subway sandwich and talking about her life. Now she was dead.

We had a small memorial for her. Just me, my sis, her husband and their son.

Where was God? Why didn’t he do something? Didn’t he care about our mom’s suffering?

Father Knows Best

“DID YOU HAVE A HAND IN THE PLANNING OF YOUR DAUGHTER’S ENGAGEMENT?” After DD’s boyfriend Zach proposed to DD on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, a few people asked if I was involved. Well, just a little bit: Back in January I met with Zach for lunch to ask him his intentions concerning

No Longer “Baby D”

MY “BABY D” IS NO LONGER A BABY, but she’s still mine. On this, her 21st birthday, I get choked up as I think about all the wonderfully fun times we had together.

From the first day, when I visited you at the hospital in the incubator, and read to you from Matthew chapter 1, and you fell asleep during the genealogy….

…to when I almost killed you at age 2, when you climbed on one of those cheap white plastic Walmart outdoors chairs, stood up and pushed against the back until it tipped over and your head smacked the cold, hard concrete. I ran over, panicked, picked up your lifless body…only to find it wasn’t lifeless! Nothing happened at all, except a little red dot on your forehead. I set you down, turned around… and then you did the same thing again! And you still didn’t die!